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Molluscum gone yucky

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roisin · 13/05/2004 18:42

DS2 has had molluscum for a few months. One of the warts has gone yucky - quite big, hard, and looks like it's full of green stuff? (Sorry for the gory details). It's sore to the touch and surrounding skin is red. Do I have to take him to the GP, or is there anything I can do at home?

(I loathe going to clinic and avoid it if at all possible )

Thank you in anticipation!

OP posts:
shrub · 13/05/2004 19:10

my ds1 has had this - apparently its very common in school children. we went to the homeopath who gave sulphur then something beginning with p (sorry not very up on my treatments) i did look into conventional treatment where they can prick the warts to kick start the body into realising it has a virus (i think its part of the'pox'family) or freezing them off, but the homeopath said it will just take time to go. i also am bathing him with salt water no soap so as not to aggravate the skin. have you had the diagnosis its molluscum? the reason i asked is that my ds1 developed impetigo in the same area and had to go on antibiotics, though this was because he scratched the molluscum!

SoupDragon · 13/05/2004 19:14

A friend's DS had loads of these and then they atarted to go yucky and vanished very quickly after that.

coddycodcod · 13/05/2004 19:16

has he rubbed it on his waistband? the GP will say that they will just go suspect

ds1 s look alittle like his chicekn pox spots did, am pissed off that nothing is precribed to get rid of them.

they are disgusting!

LIZS · 13/05/2004 19:19

ds had it a few years ago and it started to go when he had chickenpox but one went very red and pusy first. There is a thread here which suggested a few natural remedies. If it is in a really noticeable place think I'd consult dr because it could scar if infected.

roisin · 13/05/2004 20:20


I think it probably is infected. So do you think I ought to go to the GP then?

(DS2 keeps asking me to take him to the doctor, but I really don't want to unless it's absolutely necessary.)

OP posts:
suedonim · 13/05/2004 20:26

That sounds a very familiar story, Roisin! Dd2 has had molluscum for over a year now, on her arm and face. They are slowly beginning to go, and in exactly the way you describe. They get red and swollen and eventually burst, with yellowy muck coming out. It can bleed quite a bit. It then heals up very quickly and leaves no scar at all. The only thing to watch out for is if a red line starts to develop from the reddened area. It can indicate an infection that needs antibiotics. Dd had this with the first molluscum that flared up. She didn't see the Dr as it was the weekend but when I later told the Dr she said it should be checked out, just in case. You would not believe the amount of 'cottage cheese' as dd called it, that emerged from her arm!!! Absolutely gross.

Dd has a fairly bad patch of ezcema around the area with molluscum - anyone else had that? It doesn't seem to bother dd, luckily.

roisin · 13/05/2004 20:37

Suedonim - you are a wonderful person, thank you so much I shall follow your sage advice and not trouble the GP (unless we get a line), even if 20 people now post and tell me to go tomorrow.

(I lived with medics at Uni, and my brother is a surgeon ... it puts you off a bit! Consequently I am the most reluctant person to visit a doctor I only go personally if I think I'm dying, and usually then I manage to talk myself out of it, because it's not worth it if I'm dying, is it? I try to steel myself to take the kids at an earlier stage than that, but only if absolutely necessary.)

OP posts:
suedonim · 13/05/2004 20:49

Thank you, Roisin! The molluscum is almost a game to us now - Guess Which One Will Burst Next.

LOL at your second para; my mum's friend never sees a dr. She says if it's not fatal she'll get better anyway, and if it is fatal, well, the dr can't do anything and there's no point in her wasting his time.

luckymum · 13/05/2004 21:04

SD - all my three have has molloscum, dd's were worst and she had eczema around them, especially the ones under her chin and armpits. We used fucidin on them when they got nasty and the czema did go afterwards although its back now in a different form

SoupDragon · 13/05/2004 21:51

I'm told it's a "once only" infection so once they're gone, they're gone! it's also supposedly a "self limiting" virus which will simply go on it's own, ususally (but not always!) within about 6 months.

willow2 · 14/05/2004 11:34

How long before the little buggers burst though - the one on ds' back has been there for months and he's now getting several under his chin. I hate them - how dare they invade my perfect child!

binkie · 14/05/2004 12:11

Has anyone tried the sellotape method? - either dabbing with ordinary sellotape, wrapped round your finger, or stronger tape left on overnight? Not a completely mad idea - actually referred to on this

Dd has loads on her chest, side and inside of one arm which I've left alone as per most of advice, but she looked to have one coming up on her face and I sellotaped it - seemed to make it vanish completely immediately, but now of course I don't know if it really was a molluscum or something else.

coddycodcod · 14/05/2004 12:18

the thought of ds2s bum covered in duct tape is weird!

suedonim · 14/05/2004 16:39

Right, Binkie, I'm off to find dd2 and wrap her up in parcel tape. That should keep her quiet all evening! Lol at the name of the virus - poxvirus - brilliant!

She's had molluscum for well over a year, I guess she must be coming to the end of it by now, if it lasts between 12-18mths.

zaphod · 14/05/2004 16:59

Great to read this thread, ds3 has had molluscum for over a year, has them on his eyelid, hands and forehead. Will definitely try the sellotape. We were told that he may have to have the eyelid one removed by surgery if it doesn't go on its own. Am avoiding thinking about this though.

willow2 · 14/05/2004 17:04

Anyone know if it is the virus that last a year or so, or whether each spot lasts that long. Ds has had some for ages, but some are relatively new. At this rate he could have the sodding things when he starts uni.

froot · 14/05/2004 17:12

message withdrawn

froot · 14/05/2004 17:16

message withdrawn

roisin · 14/05/2004 17:28

Ha! The yucky, gooky one fell off this afternoon at school, ds told me when I picked him up. (He had a little plaster on).

I said "good!"

He said "no it wasn't good, it hurt a lot and all this yucky stuff came out and loads of blood, and I had to find the nearest teacher to sort it out!"

Whoops - missed my prize for caring mummy again

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 14/05/2004 18:10

I'm glad you said that, froot, because I don't remember them from childhood either.

gold123 · 14/05/2004 18:29

Sorry if I am repeating what everyone else has said. My dd started with this last summer, they would appear then get bigger, then burst (blood) scab over and go. I had never come across them before and my daughter was quite conscious of them, all my friends (adults maily - call themselves friends) used to say erh what are they, I told dd that they were beauty spots - she was happy with that explanation especially when she saw Barbie with one on her face, (mole) they are now disappearing. My GP said that they should be left well alone, if you tamper with them, you run the risk of them scaring and they can last up to 2 years.

My ds has now got them, he thinks he is beautiful too.

roisin · 14/05/2004 19:14

gold123 - that's a lovely post, I wish I could do that ... but I'm afraid I find them so repulsive I grimace whenever I see a nasty patch of them. I'm so pleased ds1's have cleared up and I don't have to look at them in the bath any longer

OP posts:
BlossomHill · 14/05/2004 20:38

My ds had these for over a year and now dd has them. She has had them for 6 months and they are horrible. Poor ds had them between his legs, bum and stomach, the same as dd. Been to the doctors many times as they always get infected as both of my children suffer with eczema. I cannot wait for dd's to go as her legs look horrible covered in these things. Even had a phonecall from dd's school to say she had chickenpox. Had to explain that no she didn't that they were molluscum, as she has had chickenpox already. May try the duct tape. Is it painful though.

suedonim · 14/05/2004 20:41

Lucky old teacher, Roisin!!

binkie · 14/05/2004 21:08

Blossomhill, I don't know anyone who's tried the more heavy duty duct tape thing - not sure I'd try it myself to be honest. I've only used ordinary sellotape (just sort of dabbing, not left on overnight) which clearly wasn't painful at all as dd thought it was all very silly and laughed a lot.

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