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Genetic Mapping - anyone experienced it?

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waterbaby · 23/09/2003 16:21

Hi all, we have a history of a lot of cancer in my extended family, going back through all of the generations in living memory. One of my cousins recently lost her mum, and in working through her grief has decided to 'do something' about it.

The two aunts who have battled cancer and survived have agreed to go for some blood tests and their blood will be checked for genetic abnormalities. The idea is that, although the technology migt not be here now, this might offer DD's generation a fighting chance.

I want to support my cousin as much as possible and the possibilities are quite exciting... but also daunting. Has anyone been through this? I can imagine it might be a rollercoaster!

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waterbaby · 29/09/2003 10:47

Hi all, sorry to have started this thread and then disappeared for a busy weekend enjoying my real life! There?s been so much good advice - and thanks to JJ and Robin I don?t feel quite so alone!

JJ- It sounds like we?re in very similar circumstances ? lots of colon cancer here too , also breast cancer, sometimes both. No idea if they are connected and ashamed to say I?ve been burying my head so far in the sand that I don?t know all of the medical details? but have made an appointment with my dad to go through what he knows about each case, then will talk it over with my cousin too.

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beetroot · 29/09/2003 10:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

waterbaby · 29/09/2003 11:45

I?m also quite concerned about the impact on Insurance ? not sure who to talk to first about this IYKWIM, but guess a good starting point is the small print! No idea at this stage if its something we have to declare or not?

Thanks Robin ? has it affected your relationship with your relatives that didn?t test clear? Or not?

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robinw · 30/09/2003 05:26

message withdrawn

robinw · 30/09/2003 10:25

message withdrawn

waterbaby · 02/10/2003 10:15

Absolutely agree with your comment about being home and alive, not dying in work! Have made my comments about work pretty clear elsewhere.
Thanks Robin - hadn't thought about the flip side of the coin regarding insurance if we are lucky... maybe our bill might actually go down!

I'm sorry about your niece, but sure you are right - at least if she has the investigations or tests she knows what she's dealing with and can minimise/balance the risks - far better IMO that unexpectedly getting v. ill in the back of beyond somewhere (I've been medivaced out of the Himalayas before now, but thats another story). I'm sure you are helping her by gathering information - in some ways perhaps having all had the tests etc it makes you a bit more involved than you would have been if it was random tests for something completely different? Long rambling sentance there - BYKWIM!

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