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why is there no sound coming from my pc?

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auntypurple · 20/12/2007 11:26

Speakers are plugged in properly, they are built in ones. Volume is not muted or anything. One day it was working and now it's not. Have tried everything I can think of. OS is vista if that makes a diffrence. Can anyone help please. Thanks

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EricScrooge · 20/12/2007 11:34

Not sure about Vista but my forst port of call would be the sound settings in the control panel.

auntypurple · 20/12/2007 12:04

Thanks Eric, have looked there all seams ok, says thats it's working. I have one of those flat screen monitors with the speaker built in behind it, maybe the speakers are broken.

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karen999 · 20/12/2007 12:05

Don't know if this will help but have you tried using the keys to turn the volume up?

karen999 · 20/12/2007 12:06

Sory, ust realised that you said the volume was not muted!! doh....

southeastastra · 20/12/2007 12:11

my son has a pc with speaker built in and i've never worked out how to turn them on!

redadmiral · 20/12/2007 12:12

Have you changed anything at all recently, software, hardware, wiring? Has an animal or child chewed through any wiring - always my problem with my cat?

redadmiral · 20/12/2007 12:14

Not familiar with built in speakers. How are they powered?

VictorianSqualor · 20/12/2007 12:19

I have had this problem twice, once I was trying to unmute and they were just turned down, doh, and the second time it was on the taskbar not the normal place, if you press on the little arrow in the bottom right of the taskbar does the sound icon come up?

auntypurple · 20/12/2007 12:39

Thanks for all the advice, they are now working again. I just un checked a box that said virtual sound, never checked it in the first place, didn't even know it was there. But I have sound again now.

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southeastastra · 20/12/2007 12:41

where was the box auntypurple?

auntypurple · 20/12/2007 12:47

Should have said virtual surround, not sound. It's in something called realtek hd audio manager, it's a red speaker icon in my taskbar. That suddenly came out of no where. Funnily enough if I know check the box for virtual surround I don't lose my sound again. Probably something on vista to make me hate it even more. Southeastastra, do you have a lead going from your monitor to the base/tower unit? Thats how mine work, they just come on when the pc is switched on, they are not visable speakers iykwim.

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