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best gadget for pesto

11 replies

purplesequins · 05/11/2021 12:42

my stick blender and food processor need too much oil/solids to blend smallish quantities of herbs (hand full/half a bunch).
can't be arsed with pestle/mortar...

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OldMagicTiger · 05/11/2021 12:47

Mini chopper! It's perfect

purplesequins · 05/11/2021 13:10

thanks, will take a look.

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Gladioli23 · 05/11/2021 18:00

I have a thing that attaches to my Kenwood which is perfect for this:

I got it reduced by 1/3 with a discount code for an extra chunk off: obviously it only works with a Kenwood but you might be able to get something similar?

The key thing I think is that it has two blades very low and close to the base of the chopper and then two bigger flatter ones which help chop the big stuff up originally.

MilduraS · 05/11/2021 18:08

I have the same attachment as @Gladioli23
Works brilliantly for curry pastes and salsas too.

JumperandJacket · 05/11/2021 18:10

My magimix has a mini bowl and blade you can sit inside the bigger one.

purplesequins · 05/11/2021 18:47

will have a look if there is such an attachment for my bosch mum as well.

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Lagirl20 · 05/11/2021 22:01

Another shout for the Kenwood mini chopper it’s brilliant at pesto and other dips

BalancingStick · 05/11/2021 22:24

I bought a spice & nut grinder specifically to make pesto. I have the cuisinart, does a fantastic job.

purplesequins · 06/11/2021 12:32

I had a separate spice grinder but it was no good for pesto.

I have found an attachment for my machine, similar to the one linked above.

thanks a lot again. you ladies are awsome Flowers

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