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Cookbook for food intolerances

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helpingstephanie · 22/05/2017 11:37

Hi ladies,

I grew up with really severe eczema, allergies and asthma and started writing a cookbook in 2010. It took me years to figure out how to make amazing food and snacks free from gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs and refined sugar. But I did it. I have about 200 copies left and wanted to give them away to anyone living in the UK (against a small shipping fee). Hopefully my book can help some of you who have small children suffering from food intolerances and other health issues. I know how heart breaking it can be to see someone else suffer, which is why I wrote this book. Thanks!

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anotherdayanothersquabble · 22/05/2017 11:54

The page doesn't allow me only to select one book. I don't want / need two...

helpingstephanie · 22/05/2017 12:16

How strange - it has worked really well so far. Shall do some testing. If you uncheck the extra book it should work.

Sorry about that!

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clairethewitch70 · 22/05/2017 12:20

Is there anything in the book about salicylate intolerance?

I am struggling to find any suitable recipes.

helpingstephanie · 22/05/2017 17:44

Claire - unfortunately no, sounds like something really difficult to deal with. I hope you find help!!

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