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Can someone explain LED lighting?

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Michaelmonstera · 18/02/2023 10:40

I have a small tropical aquarium which has live plants.

I ordered a new LED plant light online and have received a light with blue and red bulbs. Am I supposed to use this instead of a white LED light or in addition to normal lighting? FWIW I don’t like the pink light it emits, but would like my plants to be healthy.

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Michaelmonstera · 18/02/2023 18:17


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Laurama91 · 18/02/2023 18:19

Can you change the colour? I have led bit can change colours and put on auto which cycles from day to night

Michaelmonstera · 18/02/2023 18:28

@Laurama91 No - just the blue/red lights - your system sounds better. There is a slot in the aquarium lid for another set of lights so I am wondering if I need to get a set of white lights as well presumably I would need to put them on different timers. I don’t have enough plug sockets for two timers and filter etc

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Laurama91 · 18/02/2023 19:03

Sorry I'm not much help then. This is my first set of led lights. They are fluval I think, came with the tank. My plants are fine with these.

Beneficialchampion2 · 08/03/2023 19:45

Red and blue lights are good for plants, they enjoy a wavelength of light that is useful to plants versus plain old white LED'S (Depending on spectrum)

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