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500 Days of Summer

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BlueNeighbourhood · 31/08/2018 11:14

...if you've seen it of course.

I've been reading an article on this film, and yes, I've seen it a million times and it's nearly ten years old now however I've always thought that JGL was the one in the right in this.

If you've seen it you'll know the story, and I think we are all led to feel sorry for JGL throughout the story as most will feel he's been led on by Summer. But now, 10 years on and as much more of an adult back then I can't help but feeling like she made it clear to him at the time that she didn't want a relationship but he persisted, caught feels for her and this is what resulted in the story. The contrasting side to this is if this was the case, she knew how JGL felt the entire time and did lead him on a little.

So, I'd like to know everyone else's opinions on who was in the right with it?!

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