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Feminism: chat

Asking For It by Louise O'Neill

3 replies

mrskatebob · 23/07/2022 00:45

Has anyone read this. Fucking hell.

OP posts:

TobySpaniel · 23/07/2022 01:01

Oh I really love this book. Have you read Only Ever Yours by her?


mrskatebob · 23/07/2022 09:38

No, I've read Idol though. I'm going to have to read the rest of hers now.

I was awake til 3am reading Asking for it. What a traumatic book.

OP posts:

TobySpaniel · 23/07/2022 13:40

Yeah it is traumatic. Definitely makes you think.
I think it's clever that the protagonist is so unlikeable at the start. And then it feels like a dystopia but sadly it's the reality for many, such as the Brock Turner case.

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