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Feminism: chat

Pro Choice March on US Embassy, London 14.5.22

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MintyCedricRidesAgain · 12/05/2022 09:14

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Ilkleymoor · 12/05/2022 09:31

Yes, hoping to go


MintyCedricRidesAgain · 12/05/2022 09:50

I'm going with DD...she's a 17yo politics student and is absolutely raging.

It's been a bloody long time since I've actually got off my arse to protest about anything.

I'm finding it really hard to wrap my head around the direction the world is moving in tbh.

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MsAmerica · 13/05/2022 03:38

Go to it! Thank you!


Ilkleymoor · 14/05/2022 16:27

Am here right now if anyone is in central London and feels like swelling the ranks. Not a bad turn out


MintyCedricRidesAgain · 14/05/2022 19:42

Ah...we were there too! Should've checked my phone earlier.

It was good turn out...including the two pissed blokes who joined the march halfway, dutifully grabbed a couple of placards and donated at the end. One of the definitely had no clue where he was or what he was doing 😆

OP posts:

Ilkleymoor · 15/05/2022 10:56

Saw the pissed blokes! That's hilarious that they donated at the end. They were very non Aggy, I was surprised.


MintyCedricRidesAgain · 15/05/2022 11:10

Yeah me too.

They were stood in front us at the end and the bigger guy, wrapped in a union jack, listed to all the speeches before turning round and asking where the US Embassy was 🤣

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