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Hague legislation - mothers fleeing abusive relationships risk losing custody of their children.

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MerchedCymru · 19/04/2022 12:50

The Hague Convention legislation was originally targeted at fathers who took their children across international borders. Now over 70% of cases are brought against mothers, the majority are fleeing domestic violence or abuse. Yet the Hague Convention insists that the children must be returned. And, of course, the mother returns with them - to face further abuse, potential homelessness, loss of custody or a jail sentence.

This injustice cannot be allowed to stand. We urgently need to raise awareness of the legislation - and get it amended to protect mothers and children.

Please share this link with mothers living abroad or considering doing so. And with family lawyers, VAW specialists, child psychologists, DV organisations.

OP posts:

Olderbadger1 · 19/04/2022 13:00

I know several women who have fallen foul of the Hague - the outcomes are desperate at best (losing custody of your children to the abuser), terrifying at worst (being jailed on kidnapping charges).

The law works brilliantly for 30% of the time but utterly fails women and their children the other 70% of the time. The injustice is boggling.


Svara · 19/04/2022 17:45

Thanks for posting this. Amendments desperately need to be made to protect victims of domestic abuse, mothers fleeing to try to protect their children.


Whoatealltheminieggs · 04/05/2022 10:07

Thank you for posting this. My own mother suffered with issues related to this when I was a child


RishiRich · 04/05/2022 10:28

Thankyou. I have a friend in this position. She and her DC have been forced into contact with a sadistic abuser who has wrecked their lives instead of being safe with her family. It's awful.

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