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Feminism: chat

Treatment of a woman by British Police.

6 replies

LunaTheCat · 25/01/2022 08:56

I have just read this. Utterly, utterly appalling.
There is something seriously wrong in the British Police Force.

OP posts:

LunaTheCat · 25/01/2022 08:59

So sorry - infuriated 😡 so I just copied and pasted.
Have just seen that there are other threads about this.

OP posts:

Tempusfudgeit · 25/01/2022 09:07

There were as many female police officers behaving badly as male - does that change your viewpoint at all?


Blackopal · 25/01/2022 09:13

Why would the fact there were females speaking like that change a viewpoint?
If the viewpoint is that this is gross institutionalised misogyny, the fact females are part of the institution makes no difference.


SpikeySmooth · 25/01/2022 09:20

The culture in British policing is detrimental to everyone but straight white males.

The Met is a huge force whose commissioner is more interested in PR and photocalls than sorting out the rot.

I don't have faith in the Met. They keep saying oh, we've done this, and we've done that, and nothing changes. Look at Sarah Everard, look at the Grindr killer, look at how they handled the murder of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry.

They don't actually give a shit.


lightand · 25/01/2022 09:52

The case was 2013 @SpikeySmooth. But I take your point.


nettie434 · 25/01/2022 14:35

The case was 2013 @SpikeySmooth. But I take your point.

It has taken the complainant this long to get the matter resolved. What's more the Met spokesperson apologised 'for any upset and distress this may have caused' when talking about the settlement yesterday.

May! I'd like to know the woman who would have laughed off that sort of mistreatment. Quite ok for SpikeySmooth to use the present tense as far as I am concerned.

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