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Crime Analyst Podcast: The Forgotten Victims

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CaveMum · 28/07/2021 22:06

I had a search and couldn’t find any reference to this podcast elsewhere so thought I’d share it.

It was started earlier this year by Laura Richards, whose summary describes her as “a renowned criminal behavioural analyst and international expert on domestic violence, stalking, sexual violence, homicide and risk assessment.”, though her full bio is far more impressive:

The podcast started in January this year and currently runs to over 30 episodes. The main focus of the podcast are the attacks and murders carried out by Peter Sutcliffe (who she only refers to as PS) and she’s gone through the case, investigation, trial and subsequent enquiry with a fine tooth comb, hi-lighting the inherent misogyny in the police force and society at large.

Laura Richards calls on people not to refer to PS as “The Yorkshire R**r” as it lends him notoriety and makes the focus of the case about him rather than his victims.

It’s a really interesting listen, and at times deeply upsetting and potentially triggering. I’m not even halfway through the available episodes yet but I’m hooked and highly recommend that people, particularly women, listen to it.

Guests on the podcast include Julie Bindel (who herself had a near miss with a man she believes to have been PS) and Dr Jess Taylor who, in a one-off episode, talks about Britney Spears and how women are abused and manipulated.

OP posts:

CaveMum · 28/07/2021 22:07

PS’s victims should not be forgotten

#HerNameWasBarbara Leach


OP posts:

CaveMum · 29/07/2021 15:11

Giving this a bump!

OP posts:

Collidascope · 29/07/2021 21:30

I've been listening to this recently. Not sure enjoying it is the right description, but it's very interesting, and appalling to see the utter mess the male detectives made over the investigation which enabled PS to continue murdering and attacking women.


StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 30/07/2021 06:12

Theres a podcast section under film & tv. Its a bit quiet but you might have more success in spreading the gospel. True crime is a HUGE genre in podcasting.


TellMeHowYouMet · 30/07/2021 06:32

Thank you recommending, I'll give it a listen.


Sophoclesthefox · 30/07/2021 09:27

I’ve just started listening to this, I enjoy a lot of what Laura Richards does. She’s always very, very strong on focusing on the victims, pushing the killer to the background where they belong, and she’s unflinching in her analysis of male violence.

It’s a hard listen, though Sad


CaveMum · 30/07/2021 22:46

Thanks @StrictlyAFemaleFemale, I’ve reposted over there.

I’ve found another podcast that Laura Richards has done. I tweeted her about the blog post Amanda Knox has put out in the last 24 hours and a Laura replied to say she’d done an in-depth discussion on the Meredith Kercher murder and that she agreed that Amanda was being treated appallingly -

OP posts:

StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 31/07/2021 20:00

I've just heard the first episode and have subscribed. Im not a huge fan of true crime but I like the feminist focus of this one.

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