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Equal pay in sport - film documentary coming out

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MotherOffCod · 28/06/2021 08:25

This looks impressive. A whole film on the battle for equal pay in top level sport.

Not available in the UK yet, but the article is a good read on both the background re the fight for equal pay, and the challenges of making the documentary.

OP posts:

Whistfulwisteria · 28/06/2021 23:14

Thanks for posting


NiceGerbil · 28/06/2021 23:56


It's good they got the partial victory around working conditions and leave to continue pursuing equal pay.

Women's football is vv popular in the USA I think- it's seen as a women's sport (but that may be out of date).


NiceGerbil · 28/06/2021 23:58

It would be good to see one about England (Britain?).

How women's football was mad popular packing out grounds with fans when they played.

So the FA response was to essentially ban them from playing competitively.


And with covid recently how the ?youth boys football was allowed to carry on for ... Reasons I can't remember while the girls had to stop as they are classified differently.


MotherOffCod · 29/06/2021 07:48

The FA definitely are overdue some to make restitutions for totally crushing women’s footie historically.

OP posts:

Whoarethewho · 29/06/2021 08:19

The problem is with top level sport as this section knows because it understands biology is that men are genuinely superior at sport (look at the 100m times jump heights and imagine Serena Williams playing any of the top 10 male players ect) and people want to see the best human achievement hence why attendances are better in male sport. This is shown by the crowds attending mens football matches compared to women's football (and I don't mean when they give tickets away to children). I think sport should largely be self funding and if some teams brings in £10m in shirt revenue and fills Wembley at full cost they should earn more. If the US women's soccer team generally did bring in more money then they should have been paid more not equal to the mens team.


MayflowerMaisie · 29/06/2021 08:37

Male and female jockeys both earn exactly the same per race. If I recall correctly it’s £120/race then 10% of the prize money.


Tibtom · 29/06/2021 09:43

Wimbledon (tennis not sure about croquet!) have the same prize money for both. Even more incentive for men to ponder their identity.


TeiTetua · 29/06/2021 15:18

This is awkward, because men's sports attract a much larger paying audience than women's sports, and I don't see that changing soon. Even if all the feminists put down their cash to see women play! The notion of "equal pay" runs up against the issue of where the money will come from. Tennis being a notable exception--the top women players there are genuinely stars, making piles of money accordingly.


TheSlayer · 29/06/2021 15:29

I think men's sports are more popular because it's tribal and aspirational. There's no reason women's sports can't be aspirational for women but the problem lies in what's pushed as 'success' for a woman. Far more popstars and reality TV girls in the glossy magazine industry than sports stars.
There was such a buzz about the last women's world cup, that I can see it building up a following, but we need to show we value sport above a way to get a bikini body for women and society for it to go mainstream.


PinniGig · 17/07/2021 06:50


Male and female jockeys both earn exactly the same per race. If I recall correctly it’s £120/race then 10% of the prize money.

Equestrian sport remains the only one in which men and women compete equally.

DolphinFC · 17/07/2021 20:52

The product men are selling goes for a higher price than the product women are selling.

The TV audiences are higher - that generates more advertising money.

Footballers earn more than cricketers for the same reason.

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