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Books for toddler

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Bancha · 13/06/2021 09:46

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in feminism or parenting so, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My DD is still very little (18m) but loves books and will happily read stories over and over. She likes to sit and look at books by herself even. Her language is quite ‘advanced’.

We have been given some of the feminist books about women who changed the world etc. which are all a bit abstract and too old for her still, so we are saving those for later. For now, we have some of the classic kids books, which she loves - mog, the tiger who came to tea, the hungry caterpillar, Elmer, the gruffly, etc.

Some of the books seem a bit outdated in their attitudes to women… the tiger who came to tea was a book I loved when I was little, but the idea that the woman has to wait for the man to come home to think of going to a cafe at the end is just Hmm. The others all have a male main character. Not a problem in itself but I’d like to balance out the books we have a bit more. Are there any books for children which have a female protagonist and healthy messages about women and girls without being specifically ‘feminist’ (as these are just too old for her still)?

Thank you in advance.

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supercritter · 13/06/2021 09:48

Princess Smartypants Babette Cole


supercritter · 13/06/2021 09:49


Bancha · 13/06/2021 10:06


Amazing thanks so much for that website. I knew mumsnet would come through.

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