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Family planning

I want a baby...

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Lauz4eva · 30/09/2019 00:01

So, I'm 32 OH is 45... been together for five years and happy. I love him with all my heart and he treats me like an absolute Queen. We both have decent jobs that we enjoy and financially stable. I can't imagine myself with anyone else. OH has three grown up children; 22, 19 and 15 all from previous relationships. He's a brilliant father and provides for them all. I get on great with them all too.

Only issue is.... I'm desperate to have a child. I've spoken to him about this and he's categorically told me he's too old to start over. He says how I'd make a fantastic mum and gets that I really want a child, but theres no way he'd agree.

I'm so confused because I'm 32, and my time slot is running out fast! I love this man with all my heart but theres just this emptiness that I can't seem to shake and that's the love I have to give to my own child. I honestly don't know what to do.

OP posts:
HennyPennyHorror · 30/09/2019 04:30

Firstly he hasn't got three grown up children. One of them is only 15. Secondly, you're not going to get a family of your own if you stay with this man. You need to move on...whilst you have time.

ShippingNews · 30/09/2019 04:39

This is one of those situations where you HAVE to accept the situation . He has three kids ....he doesn't want any more ....that isn't going to change, no matter how much YOU want them.

It takes two to make a baby and in your case there is only one who is willing to do it. You have two choices - stay with him and never have any children , or move on and find a man who does want them. It's up to you what you do - there are no other options for you. Good luck.

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