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Bleeding while on the combined pill?

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polealltheway · 12/03/2015 07:21

So I started the combined pill around November, all working as it should and I was only bleeding when on a week break from taking the pill. I had even taken two packs back to back and they were fine.

With this pack I have been bleeding for about a week and a half not a massive amount but still bleeding. Any ideas why this could be?

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ROARmeow · 15/03/2015 20:11

No idea, but you have my sympathy as it happened to me for about 2 years till I ditched the pill altogether.

My doctor changed the type of combined pill I was on to one with a higher oestrogen level. This helped the bleeding for a few months then the constant bleeding came back.

At the end I was bleeding for 3 weeks, blood-free for one week per month Shock

Was a good contraceptive in itself, all that blood made me feel horrible.

dementedpixie · 16/03/2015 19:18

which pill is it?

Endler32 · 16/03/2015 19:21

I had similar problems, all was ok for a while and then I started bleeding, it went on for 3 weeks and I was anaemic, in the end I had to stop taking them Sad.

hevs10593 · 04/04/2015 08:51

Any advice, Im on Yasmin and have been for two years but I'm currently on my last week of pills for the month and I've bleeding quite heavily. It started very randomly on Monday then I never saw anything until it came back on Wednesday and then again last night. It's strange how it's not a continual bleed like a period but it's coming and going. The only different thing I did was take 2 packs back to back but it's something I do often and I've never had this before. I'll be due to take my last pill on Sunday next week so will I have a period after then too? Help!

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