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Am I pregnant?

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Cox88 · 27/07/2014 20:54

Hi everyone,
I have a son he's 15 months old n after I ad him I went on the depo jab think bout 10 weeks after of giving birth.
Recently for bout a week I av been feeling sick n really gone of my coffee on a mornin which is very werid for me carnt go out without my coffee lol and hardly eaten anything. Am tired n during avin my shots every 12 weeks I never ad a period but not past 3 days am lightly on n am feeling weird. Am really worried something really bad wrong wit me and am off to docs Tomoz. Cud I b preg if I am brilliant! Av taken two preg test n they are neg. please can I av sum advice
Thank ??

OP posts:
AuntieStella · 27/07/2014 21:10

As you say you've had your jabs on time, the likelihood of PG is very remote.

But any contraception can fail. I think you need a doctor's advice, especially as. You say you have not been menstruating, so presumably do not know if you are late or by how much.

Cox88 · 27/07/2014 21:13

Hi thank you for replying. No I haven't got a clue when they start or finish like I did before I had my son. I got preg whilist taking the pill but I missed a few the month I got preg but I knew every time I went on my period they where so regular.

OP posts:
KeithTheCat · 27/07/2014 21:48

if you've had two negative tests you're most probably not pregnant.

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