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Suitable contraceptive for huge lardarse?

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GwendolineMaryLacey · 03/01/2014 13:10

I need to get something sorted as I absolutely detest condoms and it's putting me off. Came off the pill before I had children as was overweight then and was advised it wasn't great. Now I'm much more overweight (size 22) so am not sure what my options are. I really don't fancy the mirena and presumably the pill still isn't a good idea. Does anyone know if there is an issue with the injection or implant and obesity?

I know I ought to go and have a chat with GP but I'm rubbish at saying no and don't want to get railroaded into coil etc without having a good think first.

TIA :)

OP posts:
susiedaisy · 03/01/2014 13:12

Why don't you fancy the mirena op? I have it and am a big girl and have got on fine with it! Maybe just a copper coil instead then?

summertimeandthelivingiseasy · 03/01/2014 16:23

The mirena is probably better as there is less hormone and it is going straight to the place that is needed.

With pills, implants and injections, it has to go all round your body.

missymarmite · 20/01/2014 22:22

Mirena is great, except for the fitting! It was so painful I was shaking afterwards, plus it took an age to get it in, despite the fact that I had taken cocodamol half an hour beforehand. I don't think I could ever go through that again. Once in it was great tho.

Soon after I had to have the sodding thing out for LLETZ treatment (sod's sodding law!) and doc advised alternative as I might need further treatment in future. Its probably worth a try TBH, but be advised, it can be very, very painful.

Thants · 20/01/2014 22:28

You can take the mini pill.

SugarMouse1 · 21/01/2014 06:49

Would you consider a diaphragm and cap?

PsychicPaper · 21/01/2014 07:03

I take the mini pill. works for me hth

ilovepowerhoop · 22/01/2014 21:21

mini pill would be ok, I took it at that size (now have mirena)

pumpkinsweetie · 24/01/2014 09:59

Marking place op, as i have same issue. Just had a baby, and not sure of what options are available at a size 18, i was on the micrygyon pill before pregnancy but the doctor did not want me on it, even as a size 16!!
I would like the depovera injection but like you i'm unsure whether there are size issues.

I don't want mirena as some women bleed lightly the entire month every month and it can be a very painful procedure. I used to have the arm implant but that didn't agree with me, it completely stopped my libido, i put on a stone in the 7 months i was on it, had recurrent frush, headaches, nausea & felt rather down whilst on it. Once it came out, i breathed a sigh of relief!

ilovepowerhoop · 24/01/2014 11:54

depo is ok for larger ladies but is prone to making you put on more weight so wouldnt advise it.

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