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Family planning

Need ideas on contraception after birth!

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shniper · 15/07/2013 13:11

I've still got a while to go, I just thought I'd get some ideas beforehand Smile

Before I got pregnant I was taking microgynon, still had a period had no problem remembering to take it. I had an appointment with the doctor to get some more and was asked if I suffer migraines, yes I do. The doctor said I shouldn't be taking it but I can carry on as long as my migraines don't get any worse (I was getting 1 at least every fornight)

Anyway, to try and cut a long story short my vision started to go blurry just before my migraine started, I went to a family planning clinic because I wanted to come OFF contraception and she gave me cerazette, which I did not want to be on so I didn't take it.

We were planning on having a second anyway so decided to just use condoms until we felt ready.

I've also been on the implant but didn't have a period for months, great for some I suppose but I kind of like having one, it reassures me everything ok! weird I know Hmm Before the implant I had the injection I had this done twice and had to stop taking it because It left me unable to work for hours after.

I don't like the thought of being on something permanent, or when I do decide to come off it will take my body ages to re-adjust. Apart from the mirgrains microgynon, but I can't take that now.. I also wanted to try the patch but I've read I wont be able to take it until baby is 6 months :(

I thought I'd write this because I know once I go to the doctors I'm going to have all these options thrown at me, they don't really care what I go on as long as its something, but for me its a big decision!

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jennimoo · 15/07/2013 13:15

I think it partly depends whether you plan to breastfeed. If so you can only take the mini pill rather than the combined pill IIRC.

Sorry, I don't know more, but that info would probably help whoever comes along next!

BoysRule · 15/07/2013 13:16

I've got the copper coil. It's perfect for me as I didn't want hormones and you don't have to think about it at all. If you want to get pregnant again then they just take it out.

Also, I had mine fitted soon after DS2 was born and it was painless - the Dr said they are much easier to put in soon after you have had a baby so worth keeping in mind.

shniper · 15/07/2013 13:18

Sorry forgot to add, I do plan on breastfeeding

OP posts:
Sidge · 15/07/2013 13:27

I'd recommend Cerazette if you came to see me.

It's a progesterone-only pill so can be used when breastfeeding, and is safer than a combined pill when you have migraines.

If you're good at remembering to take a pill every day it shouldn't be a bother for you and it's not a long acting contraceptive so no having to 'get it out of your system'.

Other more long term options are the Mirena coil (IUS) which has progesterone in it, or a copper coil (IUD) which has no hormones.

You can start a POP 21 days after delivery so worth seeing the GP or practice nurse soon after the birth to make sure all is well and get started with your contraception.

aprilj11 · 23/07/2013 20:23

As a breastfeeding mom, I have done a lot of research into this :) I think I can break it down into three categories.

  1. The mini-pill - that's progesterone only and is safe to use wile breastfeeding. A lot of my finds use Cerazette and like it. Personally though, I did not like the idea of using any hormones especially because my period did not come back for a while so I just felt like I was using hormones unnecessary.

2. IUD or IUS. It is a coil inserted into the uterus, some options have hormones some do not. It is very reliable but some people have heavier periods or other more serious side effects also. Don't want to scare you but you can google it a bit. But I know a few friends who have it and are very happy. You get it inserted once and you don't have to think about it again.

3. Don't know if you are open to more natural methods, but it might be worth checking out fertility awareness - especially if you had negative reactions to hormones in the past. This is what I am using now and love it. Basically I track my fertility (with a device called Cyclotest it is really easy) and then when the device tells me I am fertile, I use a cervical cap. It ends up being that I use the cap for about a week or a bit longer.

For me this is the perfect method. Its natural so no side effects, and I did a lot of research on the reliability and it really is super reliable. I'm deff not ready for the next one yet :)

(oh and a fourth that I did not mention is you can use the cervical cap condom for the whole month if you don't want to track your fertility but that just seems a bit of a hassle to me!)

Good luck!!
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