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Another Mirena thread... advice please ladies

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Cate29 · 04/04/2013 12:16

Hi ladies. I've had a look through other threads on the mirena but can't see any posters with my problem. So, I had the mirena fitted last June and had a few months of discomfort as I expected. Then things settled down and I loved it, and only posted on here a few days ago that it was worth having and persevering with.

Today I noticed that the pigmentation of the areola on one of my boobs seems to be spreading under and around where it should be. I have been suffering with sore boobs for a good two weeks before af for the last four months or so, which is unusual for me as even early pregnancy doesn't make my boobs sore normally. I put it down to the coil, but the pigmentation has made me panic. I did a cheap pregnancy test this morning and that was negative as I expected.

Does anyone have any ideas or experienced this before?

OP posts:
floweryblue · 04/04/2013 21:33

If you are concerned about unusual changes you should see your GP as soon as you can.

patka2109 · 22/07/2014 20:18

I am having the same issue, have you ever found out anything?

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