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Anyone's DP had pain following a vasectomy?

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DancesWithSockPuppets · 10/07/2012 19:21

We're thinking about either a vasectomy or sterilisation for me. DH has read that 1 in 30 men have long-lasting testicular pain following a vasectomy, and is (understandably) nervous about this. Anyone had any experience of this? What causes it?

OP posts:
Yama · 10/07/2012 19:24

Pain for a few days only.

Very simple procedure. He drove there and back, back at work the next day.

It has been great since.

NorwichLady · 16/07/2012 13:30

Mine had it done at Marie Stopes clinic and no pain at all...He played badminton after a week which he shouldn't have done and his balls ached a bit but that was his fault.
Go for it, it's very easy...

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