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what does the 6 week coil check involve?

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peanutbutter38 · 14/06/2012 09:58

I'm going for my 6 week coil check at 11.30 (Mirena) and just wondered what the doctor will do. Is a speculum involved or will he just check the strings are there? (I can feel string myself)

OP posts:
Seona1973 · 14/06/2012 12:49

when I went for mine they used the speculum and checked they could see the strings. Unfortunately they couldnt so she had a rummage about to see if she could feel them and ended up getting someone else in to have a feel too and eventually managed to feel them even thought they couldnt be seen!! The strings had been cut very short which is why they could be felt but couldnt be viewed.

Wasnt the most pleasant experience but survived it - dont need to go back now unless I have a problem.

MoaningMajestyReignsAgain · 14/06/2012 12:50

must stop bumping into seona on coil threads At mine they just had a look and offered to trim the strings if I wanted - they had all tucked themselves up out of the way so I left them alone.

peanutbutter38 · 14/06/2012 13:06

just got back- doctor used speculum and then did an internal and yes, the strings are there (I couldn't feel them after coil was put in, but after having a period was able to feel them, only just though, strings are v.short). Apparently I have to go back in 6 months for a check up. Looks like regular internals are part and parcel of having a coil.

OP posts:
Seona1973 · 14/06/2012 13:13

I was told that they used to do an annual check but they dont have them any longer so only need to go back if i have a problem with it

Seona1973 · 14/06/2012 13:14

must differ depending on where you live (I am in Scotland)

Angelmaggot · 29/07/2019 23:07

My marina feels like it is stuck in my cervix only had it 3 weeks heavy bleeding since been menopausal for 20 years

Lauren140x · 22/10/2019 15:32

I had a copper coil fitted 3 weeks ago. Everythings been fine, spotting and just finished first period, but since friday i feel as if something is stuck up there? Had it checked yesterday and said it was fine, but surely i shouldn't feel it?

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