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Implants- whats your experience? is it better than mine?!

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norvegicus · 24/03/2012 21:14

I had what i think must be the nexplanon implant although i remember it having another name like "implode" or some such. I had it done 6 wks after my PFBS was born + i wasnt really thinking v clearly + didn't research it as i should have done. I just looked on the nhs site + it says not for anyone who wants to keep having a regular period!!! I was told I would have "some erratic bleeding for the first few months" + that then it would settle down. Has it heck. I still (10 mths later) have crazy periods- sometimes im on for three weeks, then nothing for months, then pain + no blood, blood + no pain, etc etc. my doctor has given me some pills- cerazette- to take on top to regularise(?) my periods but it doesnt seem to help.
Really I want rid of it but im hopeless at remembering to take the blasted pills, + loathe injections. Im not ready for #2 yet!
Is anyone else finding this? will it get better? Please let me know what you think.

OP posts:
Seona1973 · 25/03/2012 10:23

there used to be an implant called Implanon but it was discontinued. My sister also had lots of bleeding with the implant and got it removed before it was supposed to be. I was on cerazette and had no periods and have recently had the mirena coil fitted - no periods so far (have had it for 2 weeks now)

Conflugenglugen · 25/03/2012 10:33

I had Implanon. Lasted a year, and the so-called temporary erratic bleeding only got worse, until I was bleeding for nearly a month each time. I took it out and I've never looked back.

What about a copper coil? No hormones, which is far, far better imo.

Bubblechog · 10/04/2012 23:17

I was on implanon for 6 years and i loved it. No periods at all. took it out when me and hubby got married so we could start a family and my periods went straight back to a regular cycle."

SiSiTD · 20/05/2012 00:09

I had an awful time with the implant - in the end had to have it out after 10 months which is only done in special circumstances. I have also tried every other form of contraception and for me the Mirena Coil is the best thing ever - a little bit hair raising to have put in but after that I forget I have it.

lovesteaandcake · 20/05/2012 20:16

I had implanon fitted & had it removed 10 days later. I became an emotional wreck. Panic attacks, couldn't stop crying, didn't think I could look after DD. Artificial hormones don't mix with me, as I found out after 7 long years of battling anxiety & depression. It wasn't until I came off the pill & fell pregnant, did I actually feel fine. No panic etc. as soon as the implant went in, ( well within a few days) all my old symptoms came back. I had an argument with the Dr who wanted to diagnose me with PND, & would not accept my comments that I was fine till I had the implant. It took a good 2 weeks for me to feel normal again. For me, I wish I hadn't had it, but I know for others it's been great.

MrsNatSparkle · 22/06/2012 23:52

I had an awful time on implanon. Put on around 4 stone whilst not eating more or exersising less than usual and could not shift it (since having it out, I'm losing that weight quite easily). Was moody all the time. Only good thing (for me) was that I had no periods and therefore it stopped the awful pains I got. I had it out in November 2011 and have been trying to have a baby ever since with no luck. My periods are still not back to the regular 28 day cycles that they were- usually once every 40ish days, sometimes 50+. I wouldnt believe what they say about your fertility returning as soon as its removed as I'm still trying 7 months later. I old never ever have another one.

Fcas · 01/07/2012 09:33

I had the implanon in for 3 years, no problems at all. I then decided to have a new one inserted, after a year and half I fell pregnant! Complete shock, at the time I waa told by the doctor there could have been a manufacturing problem.. Sure enough, 2 weeks later it was in the news! I never made any complaint as such as I was happy to of fallen pregnant (after I got over the shock)
I just felt so so sorry for all the women who I read about. One of which 46 years old and her child had severe health problems :(

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