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Elderly parents

Mum turning 80 - how to celebrate?

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WinkyWinkola · 21/01/2013 19:41

How have you celebrated significant birthdays for your older relatives?

I've got several siblings but I'm not sure how enthusiastic they're all going to be about any efforts I make.

Please let me hear about what you've done ......

OP posts:
CMOTDibbler · 21/01/2013 19:48

Depends on the person really - when FIL turned 70, we had a black tie dinner with all the family, but when my mum was 70, she could just about manage lunch out at a slightly nicer than usual pub if someone chose from the menu for her, and it was just immediate family. If they make it to 80, for either of my parents, they'll be happiest with us bringing an M&S meal to them, and very few people.

pippop1 · 21/01/2013 23:26

For my Dad's 90th we are going on an amphibious vehicle ride around London. It goes on the Thames and on the roads. It's was his idea!

Chippychop · 01/02/2013 10:30

for my dm's 80 we hiredthe local golf club, decorated it, made a cd with her special music, got a personalised cake made with mum in her garden with the grand children. We invited all the relatives and cousins and friends we could. It was great. Just plough on and organise don't wait for your siblings.

funnyperson · 01/02/2013 19:41

We invite everyone. Have a big cake, balloons, nothing too quiet.
We do one of those iphoto slide shows with music showing the birthday person's childhood through to the eighties
We do toasts with people saying nice things about the birthday person
We also ask any one who plays an instrument to play. Very pleasant.
And we have a mega special birthday feast.

Someone once said to us it is so much better to have your funeral party while you are still alive. Hope this helps Smile

cyanarasamba · 01/02/2013 19:47

Tea at the Ritz followed by a show.
Hire a nice cottage/house somewhere for a weeks hol.

WarmFuzzyFun · 01/02/2013 19:57

Went to a close friend's 80th. From lunchtime to early evening. No presents, 'I have everything I need' but a ceilidh/country dancing themed party. Great fun, speeches from daughters and wider family.

Such a happy lovely atmosphere.

CheeryCherry · 01/02/2013 20:35

Watching with interest, both parents turn 80 this spring. I want to do something special, but don't have much money...

Hanorah · 16/02/2013 21:45

My mum isn't very mobile & not the type for a big party, so this year we took her out for lunch and then went on a riverboat trip. Nice & relaxing, just sit & watch the scenery go by, & not too expensive.

OldBeanbagz · 21/02/2013 13:26

For my DM's 70th we had a family meal out at a local restaurant as she's never been a big party person.

For MIL we had a family party at home but invited a lot of the extended family as it's not often we all get together and despite being married for over 10 years there were some of DH's family i still hadn't met.

ProfessorDent · 19/03/2013 16:22

I was going to get my Mum one of those CD cards with music from that year and historical dates on the front of the card.

1933 - Hitler opens the first concentration camp...

Great! I passed on that one, think they needed an editor!

The recent ones have DVDs but my folks don't have a DVD player. Anyway, come to think of it, the year you were born holds no memories anyhow.

ProfessorDent · 19/03/2013 16:23

Oh, also, was never sure about having cards with 80 on it, I mean, you don't want them to get ideas about their own mortality...

timidviper · 19/03/2013 16:26

For Mum's 80th she did not want a big party at a venue so we just invited all the family round here. We had a big Costco birthday cake and balloons for the table. She loved it.

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