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Eating disorders

Vegan teen health issues

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Dixiepixie8 · 04/10/2019 08:33

DD went vegan 2 years ago at nearly 16. Is a sensible girl and became vegan on ethical farming grounds. At the beginning would eat eggs and fish sourced organically/not farmed etc but has not now for over 12 months. Has had some supplements (b12) but not very good at remembering them. Recently has been suffering from unexplained nausea and sometimes dizziness. Nausea does not seem to relate to any particular food group or have any pattern. It’s now affecting her school work as she feels so bad she has to lie down. She’s never actually sick. Bowels normal.
She has had 2 blood tests 16 months apart for an infection and given quite a lot of antibiotics for that (also for acne) which I think may have depleted her gut flora so I’ve been making her have probiotics too.
Would really like her to go back to eggs and fish as I fear she may now be suffering from anaemia (has started iron supplements last week).
Her gp (she’s away at school) not very helpful so far. Am worried that she’s gradually depleted her own reserves of iron etc and just want to get her eating normally again....I think she’s now scared that her body will be upset by adding other food groups and I’m concerned she’s on the road to an eating disorder.
Can anyone recommend a good nutritionalist in uk? On teen vegan health problems. This is her A level year and her health is affecting her daily life. She’s very open and tells me when she’s not feeling well and has been keeping a food diary to try to pin point what might be making her nauseous (and then taking travel sickness pills to stop it....)
Grateful for any help.....

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kikisparks · 04/10/2019 17:39

Doesn’t sound like an eating disorder to me but I’m not an expert. She’s only been vegan one year if she was eating eggs and fish before that, just so you’re accurate when telling medical professionals. Sorry she’s been feeling so unwell. Won’t her GP test her iron?

There’s a list of vegan friendly registered dieticians here that may be able to help

They are not U.K. based but will do Skype consultations. Also if she signs up to challenge 22 at she’ll have access to some free dieticians advice to get her started.

Nutritionists are not medically qualified but dieticians are so I’d suggest going with a dietician. If you want uk based you could check the list here

I hope you get a resolution for her soon.

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Chocolate50 · 28/10/2019 22:29

First of all... slow down OP! The symptoms you describe don't sound like they are eating disordered typical. It may be though that your instinct that she's missing a vitamin or mineral in her diet is causing these symptoms. Or it may be generalised stress as its her A level year & that's going to test anyone.
Did the GP test her iron? What was the result? Normal iron levels are between 30 - 300 , a huge range! But if they've dipped suddenly it may be relevant but I don't know this for sure - I certainly would be speaking to her GP & getting her to a nutritionist isn't a bad idea- its educational as well for her to understand what her body needs & why.

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