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GCT testing - Donor egg IVF at IB Alicante

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Worstusername · 02/09/2021 11:07

Hi, I posted this the other day but just realised I hadn't posted in the donor conception section, so hopefully I will get some replies how.
Husband and I are starting donor egg IVF at IB in Alicante in January. Does anyone have experience of doing the GCT (genetic comparability testing) and how did you decide whether to do it (or not do it). We had an appointment with them last month and the doctor didn't really give us a huge amount of information when we asked about it. We've since been e mailed some information but it's a lot to digest. There are 2 levels of testing/pricing too. Guess I'm just looking for some feedback/considerations to help with the decision making process. Thanks

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IsabelHerna · 08/09/2021 08:36


Not in the same situation, as I am single, but I am going to use donor sperm. Right now, I am going to do all the tests possible, mostly because when I was younger, I was avoiding tests and check-ups, etc. I had PCOS symptoms, I got diagnosed, and still, I didn't keep checking it. Now I am almost 40, and trust me, I have changed my point of view, I am as close to doctors as possible!

So, personally, I would do the extra tests. They will help you determine if there are any genetic issues that you guys are carriers of and the possibilities of them passing to your DC. This will help you test the embryos, and choose the healthiest.

On the other hand, I do understand if you want to have a different experience, or if this sounds too controlling or stressful.

In the end, this is your journey, make a list and talk with your DH and whatever choice you make will be the right for you.

Worstusername · 08/09/2021 09:23

@IsabelHerna thanks for your reply. It's a lot to think about. Good luck to you

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