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pay deal, yay or nay?

10 replies

ditavonteesed · 13/04/2018 19:23

Trying really hard to think of something to discuss in here and this is the one I came up with, so how will you vote? I am currently undecided so you have the potential to convince me either way. I don't think it' a great deal but I don't think they will offer us anything else.

OP posts:
rupertpenryswife · 13/04/2018 22:13

I agree, I got an email at work to clarify some of the issues, so along with improving pay at the bottom of agenda for change, making it quicker to mine up the scale they are also looking at unsocial hours payments, we were advised that as our professional bodies are involved it might be the end of the summer before we actually receive a decision.

Bagsalot · 14/04/2018 17:35

I think it will be good for me I'm 3rd increment on a band 7 so it will be a good pay rise. I'd like to think that subsequent pay rises after the next 3 years will continue to improve not sure they will though.

MyRunMyPace · 14/04/2018 17:58

I think it looks reasonable, particularly for staff on lower grades, and towards the bottom of pay bands. I can't see anything better being offered at the moment.

MyRunMyPace · 14/04/2018 17:59

But it's important to compare the payrise you're getting over 3x years, to what you would have been getting in 3x years anyway due to annual increments.

girlinleeds · 14/04/2018 23:11

I'm at the top of my band and have been for years, so although it's better then we have been getting, it's still next to nothing. 6% over three years, if I'm lucky that means in three years I'll have an extra £30 in my pay a month. I know there trying to attract more people to the NHS by making starting salaries better but what about retaining those of us who have put up with years of no pay rise

MrsKOBrien · 16/04/2018 19:08

I'm top of band 6 so it is a NO from me

stayhomeclub · 16/04/2018 19:14

It is good for me as I’ve just moved up a band so am now at the bottom but I can see it’s nothing too exciting if you are near the top. I think it’s as good as we will get though sadly.

And then when accused of running the NHS into the ground the government can stutter ‘but we gave them a pay rise!’

Littlechocola · 17/04/2018 03:42

No. I want an actual rise, real term rise.

Tansie1 · 19/04/2018 00:49

Also a bit of a no from me. Top of Band 6.

I think it'll divide and conquer. Average the whole shebang out and apply that.

WheelyCote · 06/05/2018 10:22

Hmm not sure on this one.

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