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Ex possibly taking loans, credit cards etc out in wife's name...

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amethystshimmer · 27/11/2018 11:37

I've been supporting a friend who found the strength to leave her emotionally abusive husband. She is a couple of months into the separation process and she now needs to know if he has taken out any credit in her name as she has good reason to believe he may have. Trying to get a credit report from experian, equifax etc has been difficult as she is currently between houses having moved to a safe house, and none of the multiple choice answers match the real answer she has. Is there any other agencies she can contact - council, bank, local charities and her solicitor have all indicated she needs to see her credit file but no-one seems able to help her to do this. I've been on the Action Fraud website this morning and might direct her there, but apart from going to the police which she is terrified of doing because of the future consequences, what else can she do? Thank you.

OP posts:
pippistrelle · 27/11/2018 11:43

none of the multiple choice answers match the real answer she has

Not clear what this actually means, so could you maybe help her using her previous address, because if he has been doing so, then that's what her ex is likely to have been using.

xzcvbnm · 27/11/2018 11:45

I guess it depends what reason she has to believe credit was taken out in her name. I have recently moved house and had no trouble getting my credit history - perhaps she could try to contact Experian direct?

MumJBA · 27/11/2018 11:46

Yes I know what your friend is going through. I suffered domestic abuse and violence for years. Once I finally got an injunction to leave, the financial abuse set in.
My ex took out a remortgage on the family home and got a massive cash advance. He forged my signature on the occupiers deed of Consent, and forged the signature of an ex non speaking Slovakian au pair as the purported witness. I do not understand how Countrywide Conveyancing Solicitors, let the Mortgage complete in the first place, or why they did nothing when they were advised shortly after completion.
Anyway, as a result of that mortgage Kensington Mortgage Company bullied and pursued me for the money. I was so beaten down I agreed to pay the mortgage so the children didn't loose their home. The added unfair charges and when I refused to pay their charges evicted me. My ex is so happy that I am homeless, depressed, the children are sad and he has the control of causing that abuse.
Financial abuse is a form of domestic abuse, so please tell your friend to be careful as financial institutions and family courts are not that helpful.

amethystshimmer · 27/11/2018 11:53

So for example as well as the usual expected questions about names, addresses etc there are other questions to verify identity etc - so for example it asked about a regular bill she pays and gives five amounts to chose from and all within a few pounds of each other for example £35, £38, £43 and £45 and asks for the amount she pays but her amount isn't there. We looked at her bank statement on her phone and the exact amount sits right between two of them. They've said they'll contact her within 5 working days but its a painful process on top of everything else she is going through. It has taken her weeks to build the stregth to look into this and now she is trying she is just pushing against doors that seem tightly closed....

OP posts:
amethystshimmer · 27/11/2018 11:58

MumJBA, that sounds absolutely awful :( I wish I could say I can't beleive the lack of support you've had but sadly with helping my friend through this situation I absolutely can. The financial abuse she has suffered throughout her marriage is horrifying, now she needs to know she is clear to be able to think about moving on. It never fails to amaze me what some dad's will do with no regards for the impact it has on their children. (I'm sure mum's do as well in some situations but it's alwasy been dads I've been aware of)

OP posts:
MumJBA · 27/11/2018 12:15

Amethystshimmer, your friend is lucky to have you. If he obtains credit with a lender like the Kensington Mortgage Company's of this world, she will be really stuck as they have no compassion.

ArnoldBee · 27/11/2018 12:18

My noddle used my bank card details.

Avidreader12 · 28/11/2018 13:49

I would advise your friend to lodge a notice of financial disassociation to seperate her from her ex straight away on all 3 major credit companies Experian call credit/noodle Equifax (see Martin Lewis site for advice around this) you don’t need your report to do it.

Avidreader12 · 28/11/2018 14:10

Your friend should also close any joint accounts if not already done so. All banks can do this as long as account not overdrawn. Contact any companies she had accounts with catalogue stuff etc that were going to her old address to stop ex ordering goods using her account. Same with Amazon etc in case can access her details with her credit card one click etc. Assume she was married but martial home wasn’t mortgaged if so is a lot harder to fully separate finances. I would cancel any cards he knew about and ask bank to send new ones. If a martial asset is at risk I.e joint marital property and has existing mortgage joint speak to mortgage lender to advise fear ex may try to take out credit against house without you knowing this will flag up on their records to ensure they take further checks before proceeding with extra lending stops him taking credit against it without you knowing. Land registry webisite has a function where you can register details of your house to make sure no charges are made against the house without you knowing (flags up any fraudulent activity). Hope this is helpful.

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