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Do I actually need a lawyer ?

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Mosman · 16/04/2013 07:48

Basically the house is in negative equity and about to be repossessed, he has a pension which he's agreed to 50/50 split on, a few grand in savings but not much.
The children we've agreed to shared care, 50/50 again and child support of a third of his income.
If I can get all that in writing and into court do I even need a solicitor, I want a quick painless divorce.
Thank you

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Lonecatwithkitten · 16/04/2013 08:55

You do need to get a financial consent order so all the financials are set in stone and nobody can change their mind about them. It does seem to be easier to do that with a solicitor as the form uses lots of abreviations etc.

Mosman · 16/04/2013 09:49

So worth spending the £1,000 I've been quoted then? That doesn't seem too bad

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