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Reassurance/Advice Please

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mw1985 · 07/01/2024 17:16

Good evening, hope you’re all well and enjoying your weekend?

Just a quick one here, my 2 week old daughter has been struggling with constipation for around 10 days now..we took her into hospital on Wednesday just gone to get some help with things.

I just wondered if anybody has had the same issue, no bowel movements for sort of 5/6 days at a time?

Thanks in advance.

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BlackPanther75 · 07/01/2024 22:15


we had my son not pooing for days because it hurt him so he was constipated in the end from not going. It turned out he had a small tear in his bum that meant it hurt him to Pooh so they gave him laxatives

what did the hospital say?

SteveCC · 18/01/2024 19:44

Our daughter also struggles with pooing as well, we ended up at hospital too as it had been about 5 days since her last movement and we were advised to go in. We were just sent home and told to wait, she pooed a day or two later.

The thing we found helped a bit was switching the formula we were using. Initially we were using SMA and often found shed only drink have the bottle, so lots of waste! We switched to Kendamil and found she started drinking the lot. I mention this as around the time we made this change, we went from getting a poo every 5 or so days, to happening around 3, so it may have helped a bit.

Could be worth considering a formula change if your doing formula feeding.

Hope all goes well!

Ada1122 · 04/02/2024 13:08

Hi I'm looking for some advice. I'm a dad of a 4 year old little boy. My ex has recently started a new relationship 4 months ago and introduced the new boyfriend to my son 3 months ago. She is known to social services and has a history of poor mental health and her parenting decisions have been brought into question my multiple concerned parties. My son just told me that he had a sleepover in the new boyfriends house and that all 3 of them shared the boyfriends bed. I am concerned about this and find it unacceptable considering the timeline. I would appreciate any outside perspective? I asked my ex about this and she says it's been allowed more than once but doesn't see an issue.

RobDad81 · 08/02/2024 08:55

Hey man,

I can understand why you would be concerned by this.

In your home, does your son fall asleep on his own or does he sometimes need to fall asleep with you and then you bring him to his bed? This is very normal either way and in itself nothing to worry about.

At the mothers home, does your son have a dedicated room and bed? Can you get her to ensure that even if junior needs her to fall asleep, she puts him in his own bed afterwards?

Have you met the new boyfriend yet? Depending on how much this concerns you, you might have to get a bit more involved to reassure yourself that these 2 are able and responsible enough to look after your son when he is with them. One thing you might do is meet them in a social setting, like a restaurant, and observe how they handle themselves.

When Co parenting across 2 households there is always the ultimate arbiter of problems looming in the background, child protective services, so you need to take steps to either alleviate your concerns or confirm and document them, so you can get a higher instance involved.

Have conversations with your son about his time at mom's place, what was the best thing there and what didn't he like. Not an interrogation, but a nice conversation. I hope this is helpful, hang in there dad.

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