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self-publishing......good or bad?????

3 replies

2wildbabies · 09/11/2004 13:33

Hi. I have come across a self-publishing company for my book and am wondering if they are actually good to use???

Anyone done this themselves??

OP posts:
Chandra · 09/11/2004 13:53

Well, if you plan to print the book just to distribute with family, friends and sell a couple of copies locally, I guess is a great option. I have no experience on this, but I would believe that the nice thing about being published by a proper publishing house is that they do all the advertising and get your book to serious booksellers.

Chandra · 09/11/2004 13:54

By the way, I am considering printing something for the family, does the self-publishing company you mention have a web site?

ponygirl · 09/11/2004 14:30

Hi there. I used to work in publishing and bookselling, and I'd hesitate before self-publishing. If, as Chandra says, you simply want a finished book for private use or to distribute locally, then that's fine. But if you're hoping for wider recognition, then I'd advise against. When I worked in the trade, it was generally felt that people self-publishing (vanity publishers) had been unsuccessful on the more traditional route. Have you tried approaching some publishers or agents? I know its a hard slog to get anywhere, but it's the only way to big success in book writing. If it's what you want, it's worth persevering. Even JK Rowling got rejected about 100 times!

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