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Just back from the shops, irresponsible government

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Sarah510 · 14/03/2020 17:14

Can't help thinking it's just plain irresponsible of the government to not give proper advice. Saw loads of elderly people shopping with no sanitiser, no gloves, nothing. Every time I touched a hard surface I thought about all the germs and I worried about all these vulnerable elderly people with no protection. People In scooters and wheelchairs and like I say elderly obviously unerll people mixin I need with the general population, can't help thinking we are sleepwalking into a disaster.
Coffee shops packed, everywhere packed and old and young all mixing.
Dunno why the scientific advice for the uk is so out of step with everywhere else, but if I had elderly relatives here in the uk I would be advising them to stay at home if possible and if no the to take precautions, but sure nobody here is advising them so...
At home my elderly parents aret old to stay home, not go out, not allow anyone in if they are even a little sick, if my mum does have to go out she has sanitiser in her bag and wears s glove if she has to touch anything, and doesn't go to anywhere crowded etc etc. That's in Ireland

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