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How soon after giving birth have you conceived?

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LucieB · 04/05/2004 20:45

I had dd in Feb, seventeen months after ds and am really keen to have a third with the same if not smaller age gap. Am bf dd at the moment but not using any contraception. What are the odds on my conceiving? Does it happen quicker once you have already had one/several kids?

OP posts:

sobernow · 04/05/2004 20:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JeniN · 04/05/2004 20:53

Hi LucieB, can't really answer your question but want to add one of my own...however, I THINK the odds of conceiving are a bit reduced while breastfeeding but it is still perfectly possible.

My dd is 8 months and we're thinking of ttc when she's 1 year old..I always wanted them close together (if poss). What i want to know is what are the reasons (physical) for waiting longer, because I have heard some advice to wait at least 18 months to let your body recover fully. I'm healthy and in good enough shape I think. Hope you don't mind me adding the question LucieB - did you find any disadvantages with having them close together?


Dreams · 05/05/2004 13:24

Hi LucieB I have not had any experience of my own with this but my friend had her first baby in october 2002 and she fell pregnant 3 weeks after I think this is why the doctors like to talk to you about contraception very quickly !
I know i was not even thinking about having sex 3 weeks after but i suppose every women is different!


lazyeye · 05/05/2004 13:32

It took me over a yr to get pg with ds1, but then fell pg with ds2 on ds1's 1st bday - there is 21 months btwn them. Then fell pg again when ds2 was 8 months (and hadn't even had a period), but lost that pg. Fell pg again on ds2's 1st bday and am due at end of June and I think I only had sex a couple of I do believe its easier to get pg within a yr or so of giving birth. I have also been told there is a fertility surge in mid-late 30s - I am 36.

I've also got a friend who struggled for yrs and then had twins with IVF. When she went for her 8 week post natal check the doc asked her did she want any more and that if she did, to try within the 6 months and defo the 1st yr of giving birth and hey ho she was pg again a few months later. All ancedotal I know.


Decmum · 05/05/2004 13:38

Good grief must be a supermum to be able to keep up this pace!


LucieB · 05/05/2004 14:49

I have to say - I had two good pregnancies and two good labours/births. In fact, sometimes I think its what I am best at as am miserable in my job!! So far, although its hard work having a 17 month age gap, its fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think there can be pros and cons to any age gap and personally I went for the short age gap because I am close in age to my siblings and the three of us are great mates. I think once both are walking and more independent, the smaller age gaps pay off as they have more in common and play together. Sometimes it also depends on personalities and the gender mix of the kids you have. I would recommend it but its not for everyone and the first 6 weeks were pretty hectic! DD is now sleeping through (at 10 weeks) which has made everything seem a lot easier! Best of luck with whatever you decide
Me - I am keen to get on and have no 3!

OP posts:

busybee123 · 05/05/2004 15:13

I had ds1 in nov 99 then fell pregnant again a month after giving birth. It was an accident!! but still devastated when miscarried jan 00. Fell pregnant with dd when ds1 was 13 months old. Theres 23 months between them (dd was 3 weeks early) fell pregnant when dd was 5 months old miscaried and then pregnant again when dd was 11 months in aug 2002. Miscarried. Pregnant again and had ds2 in feb this year. Altogether I have 3 kids under4 and a half. We wanted them all with as smaller age gap as possible. I wouldn't have it any other way and who knows....a fourth isn't beyond possibility!!!


EvanMom · 05/05/2004 17:10

I breastfed ds1 for seven and a half months and fell pregnant 2 weeks after stopping feeding having had only one period. I have a 15 month age gap between ds1 and ds2. We are considering trying for number three when ds2 is 1. As it took quite a few months to conceive ds1, I am guessing that certainly in my case bf was good for my fertility!!


tillymint · 05/05/2004 18:16

Had dd2 end July 03, fell pregnant when she was 4 months old. Ds1 due 1st September. (dd1 is nearly 6yrs old). At 41 I thought I was going thru' the change! I was supposedly 'infertile' after an ectopic. Thrilled to bits despite being v tired!

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