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malinki · 13/04/2004 16:18

Hi, I am still awaiting AF even though I am on day 64 at the moment. Every period I have had has been between 29-44 days except 1 last November, that was 67 days. If I haven't started in the next 3 days should I do a pregnancy test to see if there is a darker positive line. I had a few tests (over 12) 2 weeks or so ago and some had a faint blue line, others were negative. Then I went to see my GP who sent a urine sample to the local hospital which came back negative. Then I saw a different GP and asked him to explain why some of the tests came up positive and others negative, he told me as a fully paid up Gynie now turned GP, he said I had a surge of hcg around day 28, when a "normal" women on a 28 day cycle would have started her period. I have since been told that this is a load of bull (not swearing yet). My GP is one of only 5 doctors in west yorkshire that can prescribe Clomid and follow treatment through to the end, keeping an eye on me with 21 day blood tests etc, and he told me to call him the minute AF arrived. I've been feeling fine, just started with a little bit of back ache today, but no spots or stomach pains etc etc. HELP, any advice very welcome.

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neetsmassi · 13/04/2004 16:21

Sorry no advice as I don't know what AF is but just wanted to say hope it all works out for the best - let us know how you get on - I will be thinking of you.


M2T · 13/04/2004 16:22

Malinki - How frustrating! I would be inclined to think that you are pregnant, but s'pose your GP knows best (or does he!!?). Can't they give you scan? That would confirm for definite one way or the other....

Fingers crossed for you....


M2T · 13/04/2004 16:23

Neetsmassi - AF = Auntie Flo..... just a nicer way of saying period.


neetsmassi · 13/04/2004 16:32

Thanks M2T.

Malinki - I have my fingers crossed for you - agree with M2T - can you ask your GP for a scan?


BeckiF · 13/04/2004 16:54

I am currently on day 170-something!! I have PCOS so my cycles are all over the place. I would probably say that if you have had negatives then you aren't pregnant, but I do have a friend who did a home test, got a positive, went to the docs and got a NEGATIVE and then did 4 more homes and got all positives! She had her little boy. Try another test and if it's negative then take it as read.


M2T · 14/04/2004 08:25

One of my friends (and I'm sure you've all heard me tell this story before) had no period for 4mths. She was desperately trying for a baby and was doing tests every week. After a couple of months of negatives the GP started to investigate any fertility problems that could be causing the missing AF. 15 wks after her LMP she got a positive home test, that was a week after a negative GP test. SHe then had a scan to estimate her dates and she was 7wks pregnant!

So.... the GP tests CAN be wrong. I got a faint positive with the Boots own and the GP's turned up negative a few days later...... I'm 24wks pregnant now.

As everyone keeps saying, it's very very rare to get a false positive, but false negatives are much more common..... Please try to get a scan. Do you think that's possible?

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