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pregnancy symptoms but negative tests - am I mad?

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redcar · 26/02/2004 16:36

Is it possible to imagine pregnancy symptoms? I suddenly started leaking breastmilk (although I stopped breastfeeding ds 1 year ago and never had much milk), feel sick (sometimes), have period like cramps, backpain, and have the feeling that my trousers are getting tighter around the waist (!!!) I had quite strong pink bleeding around the time of last period, but somehow different than a period.

I've made about 6 pregancy tests (one sent to hospital by GP), all negative. I calculated that if I'm pregnant (and bleeding was no period), I would be just 8 weeks. My GP wants to check where sickness comes from, so I'm booked for ultrasound scan for 22 March (in more than 3 weeks!!). If pregnant, that would be an accident, and I want to know NOW one way or the other. I don't want to go to my GP before the scan, because I'm afraid she'll think I'm mad!! Any recommendations what I could do? More tests, spiritual healer, astrology?

OP posts:

bluestar · 26/02/2004 20:50

Can't help you much on this one, however, friend did not find out she was pg until 12 weeks, despite no period, excessive tired, basically everything pointed to being pg but test would just not show a positive. In the end it did but it took 12 weeks!


GillW · 27/02/2004 12:10

I get quite regular small leaks of milk - and it's being going on for a lot more than 9 months So I don't think that on it's own would be conclusive.


redcar · 29/02/2004 05:21

bluestar, finding out at 12 weeks, that's incredible, I already started to show at 12 weeks with ds. I hope that won't happen to me, I would be a psycho wreck! And GillW, agree, leaking milk as only symptom wouldn't make me suspicious. I think I'll have to invest in another test today, the LAST .

OP posts:

gold123 · 29/02/2004 15:53

With my first daughter, I had two negative pregnancy tests and kept getting period pains - I kept thinking any day now ! I was about 8 weeks when the third test showed positive.


bluestar · 29/02/2004 15:54

She was very frustrated and her friend was also pg and she had the exact same symptoms. It is her 1st baby so unlikely that she would show early anyway. All is well with the pg though and in a way, she missed the nightmare that you feel in the first few anxious weeks.


mummytojames · 29/02/2004 16:21

for starters if the gp thinks your mad then there is something wrong with her a lot of women get symtoms before a test comes up positive also the only time you realy get imaginary pregnancy symtoms is if your having a phantom pregnancy and that only useually happens if you want a baby desperatly
find out if you could have a blood test for the pregnany because that was theonly way they found out my first one after three failed pergnancy test but please remember 8 weeks is very early for most over the counter even doctors urine test to show up it might seem like a long way away but i have to agree with the doctor a ultrasound might be you best option


redcar · 02/03/2004 13:05

did a test again yesterday (the last!!), again negative. I'll just wait patiently now until the scan in 3 weeks. Some days I can deal better with not knowing, but as some of you said, even if test positive you never know if you will miscarry in the first weeks. So, in fact with every pregnancy you live with this insecurity. But posting this on mumsnet already helped a lot, so thanks to all who replied. I'll post again in 3 weeks with a 'yes' or 'no' to put an end to it!

OP posts:

Emski · 04/03/2004 20:48

I'm in a similar situation. We've been trying for a baby for a few months now, and my period this month is 5 days late (i'm usually like clockwork). I felt sure I must be pg, but have had 2 neg results, and tonight I have a little period pain. I don't feel sick, but have slightly sore boobs, and am constipated! (sorry about this-too much info I know!). Any thoughts? am I just clutching at straws, or have I tested too early??


misdee · 04/03/2004 21:02

my sister found out she was pregnant at around 10 weeks. this was after loads of HPT and hospital blood pregnancy test which all showed neg results. she had a neg blood pregancy test a week b4 the posisitive. they sent her for a scan and dated her at 10weeks.

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