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Help please! Re: late AF and neg tests

2 replies

jacksmumto1 · 19/01/2004 07:53

Hi, just had an email from a friend asking for help:

I am now over two weeks overdue, last week I was feeling realy niggly, we argued all week!! I have had three pregnancy tests, two by myself and one by my doctor, all last week, and all have come back negative. My nurse said that I still may be pregnant, apparently H...something results only appear in the first week, and then again after a few weeks....what do you think?

any thoughts on whether she is pregnany or not? Should she keep re-testing??


OP posts:

M2T · 19/01/2004 08:59

Jacksmumto1 - As I am totally neurotic about it I did pg tests constantly this time over the period of 2 or 3 weeks and I don't think the HCG hormone disappears after a week to reappear again though. However, my friend had numerous negative tests before finally getting a positive 3 weeks after her AF was due.

Is she usually really regular??


SpringChicken · 19/01/2004 09:38

I would tell her to leave it for a few days then try and again, if it's negative again do the same - a friend of mine actually done 13 negative tests before finding out she was pregnant due to the lack of HCG.

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