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How long should we wait?

6 replies

womba1 · 03/01/2004 14:36

My ds will be 1 in March 27th. I ended up having an emergency c-section after 28 hours of labour. My dh and i are talking about trying for a 2nd baby but are being given different advice by different people. has anyone got any idea?

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womba1 · 03/01/2004 14:38

Sorry, that message wasn't too clear! I meant to ask how long other mums have been advised to wait before trying for another baby. Some say 18 months, others say whenever i feel ready?! HELP?

OP posts:

hana · 03/01/2004 15:20

I would say when you and your dh are ready ( assuming there aren't any health issues?) You never know how long it will take and what might happen of luck ttc!


fisil · 03/01/2004 15:51

I would agree with when you feel ready. Ds is 1 next week and we've been trying for 4.5 months now ... I quite fancied having 18 months or less between my two, but it wasn't to be. So as hana says, you never know!


steppemum · 04/01/2004 07:09

I think only you know when you are ready. Assuming there isn't any reason to wait (gp's advice etc). Some people love the idea of a close age gap, and some are horrified at the thought of 2 in nappies. Then there are those like me who are just the wrong side of 35 and want to get as many kids in as possible before it all stops working!

If you're ready go for it!


bundle · 04/01/2004 09:44

if you're thinking in terms of post-c/s when is ok, then I think the doctors 'like' to have a year (ie not get pg straight away after giving birth!) to help the scar to heal & calm down a bit. I had a 2nd c/s (2 yr 9 mth between my dd's) last easter and the scar has healed really well. the c/s wasn't planned this time either, we were going for a vaginal birth but with a time limit agreed by me & consultant after which we'd go for c/s again. only advice if you do that is to make sure you have an epidural in place well in advance in case you need one - my c/s was a 'crash' one so had a general anaesthetic which isn't particularly nice & it's better to be awake when baby comes out, imo. good luck. (oh - and I always only wanted one in nappies at a time )


EvanMom · 06/01/2004 15:43

womba1 - Like you, I had ds1 by emergency c-section. We conceived ds2 eight months later and I had a second C-Section 16 months after the first. I had no problems at all. When I left hospital my consultant suggested leaving it 'at least 6 months before trying again' (and that was knowing I had already had two close together!) Having two 16 months apart is tough. If we decide on a third (last) child I will wait longer this time!
The only thing I will say was that the scar pain I experienced, post birth was much more intense with my second C-Section (but I am not sure this anything to do with the spacing between children). In both cases, though, this pain had completely subsided within three weeks.

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