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House swaps

I love the new site, but with all the fab houses is there any point in joining

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NeverKnowinglyUnderstood · 02/01/2012 19:11

if you live in an average house in a village near a big town?

ie Cambridge... Not in cambrigde, or London etc...


OP posts:
WellHello120mm · 02/01/2012 19:18

bumping for you as nosing for the answer too!

Ingles2 · 02/01/2012 19:27

I can't even find the link for the site now... I've only been able to visit once linked from the email. Where is the link MNHQ? Am I being stupid cos I can't see it on talk or the home page?

baubleybobbityhat · 02/01/2012 19:34

I am sure you can organise "ordinary" (for want of a better word) in this Topic free of charge, as you always could, before the fancy new site for fancy houses was created Smile.

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