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Chronic pain

Iliac bursitis

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caramac04 · 16/11/2022 08:16

No formal diagnosis as gp appointments are like hens teeth.
I had suspected bursitis of the knee and iliac sitting bones in June. Conservative treatment of rest for a couple of months seemed to do the trick. However, my hamstrings felt tight and I noticed a started scuffing my right foot - as if no ‘pick-up power’. Tried a gentle run but abandoned after a couple of miles as legs just not right and still scuffing right foot.
Fast forward to 3 days ago, stubbed my right boot into hidden rock on beach and was in excruciating pain in buttocks and thighs.
I have had to delay returning home as cannot sit for 2 hours as a passenger. Can only sit for about 10 minutes at a time.
I am using ibuprofen gel but cannot tolerate ibuprofen tablets.
I have to go home today, will take a cushion and use gel.
Should I see a GP or a sports physio?
Thanks for reading

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