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Chronic pain

Intense pain flair up

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MrsPerfect12 · 02/05/2022 09:39

Can someone please help me with suggestions of what has worked for them. Additional patches, sprays or different medications than what I have.
currently I'm taking 8 x paracetamol, 3 x Diclofenac and 6 x Dihydrocodeine per there something better than diclofenac? I've had naproxen previously. I use heat pads and ice packs. The ice yesterday made the pain worse.

Even with this medication I am in intense pain still and not sleeping for long through the night. I'm currently waiting for the doctor to call back but will be tomorrow with the bank holiday.

Back story - Im suffering with an Knee injury with although it isn't OA in the traditional sense, it is graded as stage 4.
I am waiting on surgery for an implant to be put in which should fix my problem permanently or at least until I'm old enough for a knee replacement.
I can't have injections as this increases my infection risk for surgery so looking for something fast acting to get me through the next few months.

thanks so much

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