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Chronic pain

Claiming PIP

4 replies

robocracker · 12/03/2022 17:28

Any advice

Diagnosed RA and fibromyalgia. I work but unable to work full time. Often just sleep on my days off. Money is tight atm anything extra would be helpful.

Am I likely to get a pip payment with my diagnoses?

Any advice on applying?

OP posts:

Flexitarian · 12/03/2022 17:32

It’s not so much your diagnosis but how it affects your life - if you need extra help or support to carry out certain tasks, or if your condition inhibits your ability to do them independently.
There are some very good guides online. I don’t have experience for your conditions but I’d search along the lines of ‘fibromyalgia PIP advice’.
You can get help from CAB or disability advice services


MEFibroHell · 12/03/2022 17:36

You can do a check here to see how many points you are likely to be awarded.

I’m in a similar situation, I’ve been in bed since 12 as I’m in too much pain to sit up, I can’t even eat a meal let alone make one, but I know a disabled relative had DLA taken off them and was not awarded enough points for pip. They won on appeal but only lowest rate when they were on highest DLA which they had been awarded for life as their health will get worse not better.
It was so stressful & I already suffer major anxiety so I’m too scared to even apply.


TravellingFrom · 12/03/2022 17:45

I was talking to a good friend of mine about PIP (I’m considering it too for myself).

Her position now is that going to appeal is part if the process. Most if the claims are nit accepted on the first go but about 70~80% are on appeal…..
One of things that helps is that you then get the evaluation they used and you can address them during the appeal!

All that to say, go for it but bear in mind that it will be a slow process and you might have to fight for it iyswim


Akire · 12/03/2022 19:55

Nothing to lose applying but you do need a lot of points and even if you need help doing 50 things a day they only count the things they want to. For example you get points if can’t cook a meal but if you also need help shopping, getting it home, unpacking it, washing and cleaning up and dealing with rubbish you only get points if can’t do the cooking part. So if you can chop food and cook on a stove you may get zero points but if you needed someone else to do rest so you can just do cooking part still zero. It’s not very reflective of everyday life.

They above link will give you an idea. You have nothing to lose trying even if you may not qualify yet will see how close you are for when/If things get worse.

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