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Chronic pain

I have flu like symptoms almost everyday for the last 10 months!! Help!!

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Chloesss · 20/02/2022 16:34

Has anyone had anything like this?? 3 years ago I had flu like symptoms that would come and go, like Half a day I’m unwell, then few hours later I’m absolutely fine, then after a few weeks it disappeared, then returned a year later but a bit worse and for longer, then randomly disappeared again, THEN 1 year and a half later it returned whilst I was pregnant and 10 months on I’m still suffering so badly!

I have had lots of blood tests which come back normal. I have been referred to a rheumatologist but the waiting list is soooo long!

I just can’t think what the hell is going on, I feel like I’m getting the flu and I always have an unwell feeling in my throat with it but some days I’m absolutely fine, but mostly every day it comes on.

I don’t think it’s CFS or fibo as I don’t get fatigue with it.

Any advice would be AMAZING
Thank you x

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