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Chronic pain

My knees are not normal

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teaandtoastwithmarmite · 28/11/2021 20:22

Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this. I am just looking for some real life advice about my knees. U used to do squats, lunges weights etc in the gym but now I struggle to move around. I can't crouch or lean back on my haunches. I do a dance class ok but struggle with lunges and during the stretches my knees feel like they're crunching. We went for a walk last week and I was struggling to get over the stiles. I also struggle to sit on the floor and get up. I got a referral for a physio but I'm scared they'll just tell me to lose weight. I lost 3 stone a few years ago and it didn't make much difference. Although I find jogging and things hard because of my knees. I guess I just wondered if anyone else had this. I'm 40, 5'5" and 13st 10lb 🙈

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teaandtoastwithmarmite · 28/11/2021 23:43


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BestZebbie · 28/11/2021 23:59

You could look up RA ()rheumatoid arthritis) and see if your symptom profile fits with that? For me it is primarily knee-based but sometimes also hands etc, stiffness, pain, bad on waking and then OK, gets worse as the day gets on and I move around, etc.


SantasCat · 29/11/2021 01:13

Could be osteoarthritis. I'd see your gp and they might xray you.


SpangleWhorl · 29/11/2021 01:18

My knees are in a terrible state, and I have sympathy. Have you had any diagnostic scans at all? Just the referral to physio - was that from your GP?


teaandtoastwithmarmite · 30/11/2021 09:42

Thank you all for your replies and apologies for late reply. I spoke to a gp on the phone a while ago and they sent me a message to refer me but I didn't get around to booking it. I know I should but I'm burying my head in the sand

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teaandtoastwithmarmite · 30/11/2021 09:45

I just don't know whether to take the physio referral and see what they say or ring the gp again but it's a nightmare here to get an appointment. I get some private care through work though but they might say see the physio first. I guess I just wanted to ask if anyone else has experience of it or if it's normal for my age but I don't think it can be

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