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Chronic pain

If you are a wheelchair user what do you do for fun?

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cricketmum84 · 21/08/2021 08:53

Hi lovely new chronic pain board!

I'm a new wheelchair user - since January. I have motor neuropathy and cannot stand or walk unaided and am in constant pain with my legs and feet.

Now the whole country is opening up I'm starting to wonder what I could do as a wheelchair user? I'm still a bit rubbish at self propelling and not strong enough to push myself uphill even in a tiny slope.

I would be really interested to hear what everyone else is capable of doing? Right now I can't even leave the house without DH but I really need to start getting a bit more independence! Is that even possible??

OP posts:

Akire · 22/08/2021 21:44

I have power chair so not sure if the same as what you are asking for. I still enjoy going for walks even though I don’t move. A change of scene is good medicine and moving seating position as go over bumps is some sort of physio.

Shopping centres would be best bet if you can drive or get dropped off as totally flat. Then you know you can even slowly get from A-B. I’m on my own most of time so going out on own doesn’t bother me but have had few emergency’s over the years where had be rescued from getting stuck getting up or down a curb or a breakdown.

I tried supermarket wheelchair trolley ones they are hopeless. They expect the wheelchair to be like a buggy that’s gets pushed in straight line and the person in chair isn’t the active shopper. So if you need reach things off shelf you have to reverse the long trolley close enough to shelves and hard to see things only side on as you can’t turn and look face on like you would normally.

Usually I have basket on my lap that works well but only the metal kind so shops like Lidi are out because no metal basket just large wheels version that come up to chin and you can’t hold and wheel and shop.

What do you fancy your first solo outing to be?


IwishIwereABird · 27/08/2021 11:55

Wheelchair dancing! OP it’s great. I used to volunteer with Parandance UK
UK. They runwheelchair dancing classes around the country in addition to being the recognised national body for wheelchair dancing as a sport.

It’s a great way to meet people and you can bring your partner (doesn’t have to be a wheelchair user). They teach how to dance with a non wheelchair user as well as two wheelchair users. I miss working for them but didn’t have the time anymore.

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