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Which Roald Dahl best to read next?

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bodiddly · 17/10/2009 17:27

Ds is 4.7 and we have just read The Enormous Crocodile and Fantastic Mr Fox (largely due to the posters advertising the film). We have the box set of all the RD books and wondered which others were best for younger children. I remember a thread on here which said that some are too old (I would imagine Witches would be one of them if the film is anything to go by). Which did your dcs like best at this age?

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muggglewump · 17/10/2009 17:32

The Twits (can you tell by my name?). DD has always loved that one, it's her favourite book.
I think I read it to her first when she was around 4. The Magic Finger and Georges Marvellous Medicine are also good at that age.

bodiddly · 17/10/2009 17:35

Thanks mugglewump .. I will dig those out and let ds pick which one he wants tonight! I think he looked at the Twits but thought it looked scary. He loves the Enormous Crocodile .. partly because of the colour illustrations!

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yomellamoHelly · 17/10/2009 17:39

Second all MWs suggestions. They were our first too. Ds1 is almost 6 and recently read Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at school. We also had a download of James and the Giant Peach for a long car journey this summer which was fab. Ds1 only touched the book once we'd had the audio version several times. Have just bought Danny Champion of the World for the same treatment.

muggglewump · 17/10/2009 17:42

DD and I call each other an old hag if we ever have an itchy tummy, and point out Mr Twit beards on men

It's a fantastic book.

We've read them all now DD is 8, and she has loved them all as did I when I was a child.

bodiddly · 17/10/2009 17:43

Ok so you both agree it is either The Twits,The Magic Finger or Georges Marvellous Medicine?

OP posts:
bodiddly · 17/10/2009 17:44

I don't remember reading them as a child. Perhaps James and the Giant Peach but not the others. I know of Witches as my bil worked on the film making loads of the creatures etc.

OP posts:
BonjourIvresse · 17/10/2009 17:46

James and the giant peach
charlie and the chocolate factory
danny champion of the world

muggglewump · 17/10/2009 18:10

Yes, I would say them as they are the shorter ones.
It depends on your DC but I found DD preferred chapter books to be not too long.

I tried Charlie with DD when she was around 5, but she didn't like the suspense of waiting to see if Charlie had a ticket. A year later she got it and loved it, but it was a bit much for her then.

Still you could try it. Once they get to the factory part, all kids love everything being made of sweets!

Tambajam · 17/10/2009 18:21

The Twits
George's Marvellous medicine
The Magic Finger
Danny Champion of the World.

Take a look at Esio Trot too. I don't know it but I've seen it in some Key Stage 1 classrooms so it's for the younger ones.

Elk · 17/10/2009 18:37

The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me. A lovely story.

teameric · 17/10/2009 18:39

agree with The Twits and George's Marvellous Medicine there my favourites.

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