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Chozzer · 17/09/2008 12:48

D twins have started in reception class children's parents have been asked to make a story sack (book with toys, objects that relate to story)
Anyone made one, looks like thay are @£30-70 to buy on net! Can't sew and not crafty!

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katylou25 · 17/09/2008 13:37

I would use a pillowcase, decorate or label with story name using fabric pens and the choose a story, add toys (either new or ones you have lying around) the more the better to enable a group of children to hold one each during the story, don't have to be particuarly crafty imo, tie with a ribbon to close and bob's your uncle!

FluffyMummy123 · 17/09/2008 13:38

Message withdrawn

Seeline · 17/09/2008 13:40

You could cut out pictures from magazines etc and stick them onto pieces of card and put them in the bag. If you're not into sewing how about using a gift bag instead. Obviously the pictures would need to relate to the story

StellaDallas · 17/09/2008 13:42

I made a Tiger Who Came to Tea one for DD3's nursery class a couple of years ago. I did sew the sack from scrap material I had at home, but a pillowcase would be ideal. I put in a copy of the book and a little china tea set from the pound shop. I got a tiger and a Sophie doll and a Mummy doll from local charity shops and a little trumpet too. Then I put in some play food and a shopping bag and I typed and laminated a restaurant menu and shopping list too. It was really good fun.
Have you got a particular story in mind?

pinkmunkee · 17/09/2008 13:48

Pillowcases are good. Or a gift bag from Clintons?

You could pick a story with animals and buy some cheap plastic ones to put in.

'Monkey and Me' by Emily Gravett is all animals.

Or 'Just Like Jasper' has Jasper in a toy shop looking at balls/ dolls etc- easy to get hold of.

Seems like a bit of a big ask!

Chozzer · 30/09/2008 10:47

Thanks everyone for your help, and making Owl babies, got some cheap little Owls from the national trust shop.

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