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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Good books for 8yo boy

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Cosmo74 · 28/07/2008 22:00

I want to encourage my son to start reading before bedtime - when he was young we would read to him before bed but now he just reads footie mags and I want to get him onto books. Any ideas on good books - his interests are superheros, football, cars - he also like wildlife and survival stuff - typical boys stuff - would like a good book to start off with so he will want to ditch the mags and read more books

Any ideas.

OP posts:
Elasticwoman · 28/07/2008 22:39

My ds is 8. He likes Dr Who books, Droon, Harry Potter, Horrid Henry, Michael Morpurgo. I read to him in bed and then he wants to carry on by himself after I've finished a chapter.

FossilSister · 28/07/2008 22:44

Lemony Snicket

Cosmo74 · 28/07/2008 22:49

Thanks for that - I have ordered him a few from Amazon - probably a bit young for him but it will encourage him and then we can move on.

Thanks for advice - hopefully it will get him into reading more

OP posts:
clumsymum · 28/07/2008 22:53

Flat Stanley, & my ds completely devours the Horrible Histories

margoandjerry · 28/07/2008 22:55

Jennings. They are fab knockabout boys' stories. Japes and scrapes at school.

wheresmyAga · 28/07/2008 22:57

I second Lemony Snicket. We're on number 10 (0f 13) and he is addicted. I read to him before bed, then he reads himself to sleep. (I love them too.)

FossilSister · 30/07/2008 12:18

Just thought Professor Branestawm by Norman Foster. Can you still get it? Mad adventures of eccentric inventing professor. May also be a bit young for an 8 year old, but I think I loved it at that age.

Eoin Colfer - described by author as Die Hard with fairies!

falcon · 30/07/2008 13:20

If he likes wildlife then Colin Dann's Animals of Farthing Wood series are excellent.

ChocolateGirl · 16/08/2008 18:45

Beast Quest series and Astrosaurs (both on Amazon).

sglat · 27/10/2008 12:35

If he's into superheroes, the best recommendation I can make is the Jimmy Coates series by Joe Craig. Everyone I've recommended it to has gone on to enthusiastically recommend it to other families as well.
The first book in the series is Jimmy Coates: Killer, which turned my boys from non-readers into readers. And I enjoy all the books myself too!

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