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What's the name of this book series? Driving me nuts trying to remember!

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cokibeach · 06/07/2013 16:54

A fairly recent series about three (i think) pandas, or koalas, or some sort of bear, i think. they are from australia and they have adventures. (i think) the author is a man and I think he usually writes adult novels. I think maybe they fall down a hole and end up in the UK? I also think they are for 5-8 year olds. does this ring a bell? it's driving me crazy. I think there are two perhaps three books in the series. I used to have it in my cart at amazon to buy waiting until dd was old enough but i erased it by mistake. thanks so much

OP posts:
Periwinkle007 · 06/07/2013 20:21

unfortunately I have absolutely no idea but I like the sound of them! are they chapter books? wonder if any of my Australian friends know

TheSurgeonsMate · 06/07/2013 20:32

Is it the something brothers?

Periwinkle007 · 06/07/2013 21:37

is it part of the same series as Meerkat Madness? there seem to be a few different animal in different books.
Are you thinking of 'The Koala Brothers' TheSurgeonsMate? that was my first thought but I think the books are for younger children.

TheSurgeonsMate · 06/07/2013 22:23

yes, Peri, I was!

RosieMBanks · 07/07/2013 15:04

Could it be 'The Magic Pudding' by Norman Lindsay? Not so recent, but he wrote adult novels.

cokibeach · 08/07/2013 20:20

Thank you all. I found it. It is the adventures of Rumble Tumble and Titch and it is only one book! by Chris Paling. I ordered it and will report back!

OP posts:
Periwinkle007 · 08/07/2013 21:44

glad you found it, definitely let us know if you like it

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