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Whats the latest rage in teen fiction?

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RedcupsforChristmas · 29/11/2012 09:31

DNiece is 14 and loved twilight and the hunger games....what is the next big thing in teen fiction? Has anyone got a teenager in the know so I can delight DN at xmas and be auntie of the year of course

My DC's are too little so Im only up to speed with toddler litterature im afraid...

OP posts:
Hopeforever · 29/11/2012 09:33

Interested in this too, my DS has finished the Cherub series and needs a new series to get into

ArbitraryUsername · 29/11/2012 09:42

Does it have to be the Next Big Thing, or will something good for teens do?

There are loads of post-apocalyptic/dystopian books out there at the moment, and quite a few of them have strong female lead characters (which is certainly a positive development, and something I've been lookin out for in books to buy DS1 for Christmas).

He's reading pure by julianna baggott right now and seems to be enjoying it. It's going to be part of a series (aren't they all?). I've got him divergent and insurgent by Veronica Roth for Christmas, and the uglies series by Scott westerfield.

You could also consider the delerium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. I haven't bought them for DS1 as they're about love (although not in a 'soppy' way). He's 12 and I think he'd be a bit resistant to reading anything that claimed to be about love right now.

ArbitraryUsername · 29/11/2012 09:46

That would be delirium (if I could spell).

Other stuff DS1 has liked recently include: James dashner's maze runner books (he absolutely adored these) and Michael grant's gone series (I'm not sure I'd say they were well written, but he liked them).

ArbitraryUsername · 29/11/2012 09:47

Hopeforever: DS1 enjoyed all the cherub books too. My mum bought him the whole first series for his birthday and he went through them very quickly indeed. Maybe try him on maze runner. DS1 was really keen on it.

RedcupsforChristmas · 29/11/2012 09:51

Oh the cherub series soungs right up her street, might have to sneak read before xmas! Will check out the other recommendations too!

She's a fast reader so might have to get a few books for her!:)

Thank you! Any more?

OP posts:
TheWave · 29/11/2012 09:58

DS is not keen on dystopian worlds, or unreal scenarios - most suggested are along these lines I can see, although he did enjoy the Cherub series. In fact it has been the same for all my children so far.

Any ideas for girls or boys for books about realistic scenarios, set in current (not future!) times?

Hopeforever · 29/11/2012 10:02

What about the 'Alpha Force' by Chris Ryan?

ArbitraryUsername · 29/11/2012 10:09

There's a list of realistic novels on good reads.

ArbitraryUsername · 29/11/2012 10:10

And another list here.

TheWave · 29/11/2012 10:31

Thank you arbitary a lot seem to be for "girls" and we have some already, so on the look out for more boy ones, but those lists give me more ideas!

I'm on Amazon and for teenage DS I am thinking about Ally Kennen, Phil Earle, and Ali Lewis for anyone else on the same quest for more current type novels.

What about Frederick Forsyth, are they good page turners or too adult?

ArbitraryUsername · 29/11/2012 11:04

Yeah it seems to be fantasy/dystopian world or romance (or a bit of both) on the YA bookshelves mostly. Luckily DS1 loves a good fantasy/dystopian world.

What about a slice-of-life manga? Bakuman is written for teenage boys (you'll see this described as shonen/shounen) and widely available in English translation. It's very popular, so it'll probably go on for years. It's about two high school boys who want to become manga artists.

There is quite a lot of slice of life manga, but a lot isn't available in English. The market isn't as big as the market for fantasy action adventure series (that are largely just a succession of fights).

Note: if you see 'ecchi' in any part of the description of a manga, it probably isn't what you'd consider suitable.

DeWe · 29/11/2012 13:03

Dd loved Alex Rider, followed by Cherub series, and their related series Henderson's Boys. There's still Cherub books coming out in the second series, so check you've read all of them, there was one out in about October.

lljkk · 30/11/2012 19:08

Scrivener, the machines gone wrong doom & gloom books (I forget the name of series).

DS just begged me for Department 19 (so Vampires, again).

Many teens still keen on Darren Shan.

bookbird · 30/11/2012 19:14

Laini Taylor seems very popular at the minute. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was published in 2011, it's the first in a trilogy and the second was published recently. I think it's called Days of blood and starlight.

gotateen · 02/12/2012 22:05

Twilight and the Hunger Games are some of the most popular fantasy fiction series and books beyond Harry Potter. Teen boys may like books by Brandon Mull and Rick Riordan (if they don't already have all of them).
A safe bet is a brand new book by teen author Justin James as it only came out about a month ago *The Conquest of Night avail. on Amazon. ( This is the first book in a trilogy and is fantasy fiction written by a teen for teens.

The Lightning Thief, Uglies and even Insurgent are more options that have been out for awhile.

Good luck with your search for a top teen fantasy fiction book that will make a great gift.
Merry Christmas!

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