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Just had to share this with you ...

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PhDMumof1 · 24/05/2005 16:50

Last night I interviewed a nanny who seemed very nice on the phone and had excellent references, but when asked what she cooked her charges, replied "chicken nuggets normally, I don't really like cooking" [rolling eyes emoticon] .....

This morning I spoke to an au-pair on the phone who, after a fairly good conversation on both sides, said, "Oh, there is just one thing I need to ask you, could my husband come to visit me when I am staying with you ..." (no mention of this anywhere on her CV .....!!!)

I think I'll be SAHM-ing come September after all!

OP posts:

OliviaGrace · 24/05/2005 20:03

where are u PhDMumof1?


MaryP0p1 · 24/05/2005 20:13

PhD, how horrible for you. The only thing I can add is when I was looking for work as a nanny I couldn't find it and I cook and clean and never expect my husband to come along with me... My difficulty was I have 2 children (one at school ) and nobody wanted me with a child (even though i was prepared to be paid nanny share rate....

Where did you advertise?


NannyL · 24/05/2005 20:29

All i can say is im a nanny and i make it quite clear that i refuse (or at least 'loath') chicken nuggets and similar...

its ALL proper home made organic food for my charges.... yesturday i decide to give them a 'nice looking' haddock and brocolli fish cake from tescos, which they decided they didnt like... (they are not used to processed food!)

It really should NOT be hard to find a nanny who cooks

In my opinion C nuggets etc are NOT food, i wouldnt eat them EVER, and i have a policy of only feeding children food im prepareds to eat myself!


celtic66 · 24/05/2005 20:45

Its a good job that nanny revealed her dislike of cooking rather than at the start of the job.

I interviewed an Au pair by telephone she seem perfect for us, so I rang her back a few days later and offered her the job - then she asked us if we need we need a gardner or handyman and would we like a live in handyman and did we have any hoidays booked over the summer. I noticed she did not answer the boyfriend/husband question application form.

She didn't get the job after all I felt like i had been misled, and she was also making assuptions about boyfriend staying over.


NannyJo · 24/05/2005 20:58

keep searching phdmum. there are plenty of good nannies out there but it can take a while to find the right one but the wait is worth it. Where are you???


mishmash · 24/05/2005 21:09

oh PhD - hope things get better

Was going to hijack your thread but fair is fair and will start a different one.


celtic66 · 24/05/2005 21:13

don't give up yet phd. you will eventually find right nanny for you, I know it must be really disapointing when you get a response like that. There are some great nannies and Au pairs.


PhDMumof1 · 25/05/2005 09:27

Thanks for the messages. I am in Cambridge ... I have got both these two thru agencies because I am Mrs Cautious and thought that at least they might have been properly vetted ....!!

Re the nanny, I then called another local agency that she had used inthe past, and they said quite clearly "not sole charge material". Nuff said. Feel rather bruised at the moment & ended up having a row with DH about something completely ridiculous last night!!!

OP posts:

celtic66 · 25/05/2005 13:14

PHD - I find it easier to search for childcare and vet applicants myself than use an agencies. Its more times consuming but at least you can place an advert thats asks for the requirements/experience best suited to you..

Gumtree and nannyjob could be worth a try?


sinclair · 25/05/2005 15:06

Hi PHD poor you. I never tire of saying this (sorry MN regulars) but I found my brilliant nanny through an ad in the local park cafe. If you can, scour these places or if you can bear the hassle stick your own ad up - my neighbour just got an excellent mothers hlp by advertising in the same cafe. The only downside is you have to be vigilant to take up refs, ask to see first aid certs and ploice checks etc - no agency to take care of that but the upside is the huge wedge of money you will save. Good luck with your search.


Crazymama · 25/05/2005 17:49

If you are comfortable with the nanny in all other respects, why not just provide the food you wish cooked and fed to your child and leave the nanny with instructions.


PhDMumof1 · 27/05/2005 18:25

I have tried finding one thru local noticeboards etc as you have suggested sinclair / celtic66 (r u a fan btw?) but have never had nannies applying, just students etc. I don't think that there are enough good nannies round here full stop. Either that or we're not offering enough money!!

Crazymama, thanks for the suggestion but I think that her answer was fairly indicative of how she was on most fronts, ie not at all the sort of nanny I would like to have in sole charge. Someone who can't even be bothered to cook proper food for their charges is going to be a bit slapdash about lots of things.

OP posts:

UKMickey · 31/05/2005 12:27

Try nurseryworld professional nanny mag.... & advertisement to include: able to prepare & cook healthy childen's meals.

Nr. !!!!!!!
GSOH Professional nanny required for (children's ages eg 4yrB, 13mthG)M-F 8-6pm Car Owner Driver. N/S, Must beable to cook healthy children's meals, enjoy indoor/outdoor play. Checkable references. Hold CRB & 1st-Aid.


UKMickey · 31/05/2005 12:33

Also I would have a moan to the nanny agencies & possibilly report them if you don't have any sucess. Sadly not all nanny agencies are reputable....try agencies on this site are vetted ... also also vetted & part of the dti all other agencies a bit of a hit & miss.

Express throughly what you are requirying and back it up with a letter for your potential nanny/staff member to be held @ the agency.

Good luck


PhDMumof1 · 31/05/2005 14:04

really good tips mickey thanks

OP posts:

PhDMumof1 · 31/05/2005 14:50

UK Mickey I have posted my job on MN, will give agencies another week or 2 before posting on bestbear. Looks a good site. Going to start another thread on nannydust (like baby dust, except for nannies!!)

OP posts:

jothorpe · 01/06/2005 16:45

How do you find Nannydust? and Babydust come to think of it!


PhDMumof1 · 01/06/2005 19:39

From nannies who are Mary Poppins's .... like the one at my BF's wedding on MOnday, who was looking after generation number 3!!! during the speeches and talks, cradling a babe in arms at the top table .........

But they are really loaded and have a huge house which could hold a host of nannies >sigh< ...

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